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Standard Oil Logo of my Youth


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I had recently downloaded Inkscape earlier this year and wanted to do some designs. One of the things I did was to recreate a logo from my childhood.

I grew up in Sarnia, Ontario, a border city right across Port Huron, Michigan along the St Clair River. One of the things I vividly remembered crossing the Blue Water Bridge into U.S. territory was always seeing the giant Standard Oil (Amoco) sign that overlooked the connection between U.S. customs and I-94. That sign always told me I was in America.

This was the logo I'm talking about:


Since BP bought out Amoco a decade ago, that sign, and many like that, are no longer visible. So, with Inkscape with me, I gathered up as many images of that logo I could find in order to recreate it. The font I used was called Hit The Road, which I got free from dafont.com. It wasn't easy as most of the Standard Oil logos avaliable were either the first one or the third and last one (the one I did was their second). I just completed it and here is my work:


There was also a similar one for American Oil, which was this:


I deleated the STANDARD word and replaced it with AMERICAN. I found a bit of trouble as the "M" I typed in wasn't the same as what was shown above. So I made my own "M" similar to the image and arranged the letters as so.

Here's the American Oil logo I made:


And what tied both of them together was the red, white, and blue oval with the torch out front, no lettering.

Here is that logo:


What do you think? C&C please.

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