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SEPTA changes bus schedule cover


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Ok for at least 10 years Id say, Septa's schedules have had the same cover usually, at least design wise, just a different shot of the bus or train when it changed.

Until now, it they redid the cover, it gives off a retro vibe imo.


Heres a picture of a schedule from 1992 I found on flickr.


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Funny - I take buses all the time (usually the 9, 27, and 61) and I've never actually seen the "schedule" box filled with actual schedules - I've only ever seen the covers of them by downloading the PDFs.

Either way, while the old one was certainly nothing special, my initial reaction is that it was better than the new one, because at least it clearly shows a bus on it. While to a regular user like us, having the number really big at the top is good enough, I can see how it might benefit a novice at least a little bit to have a schedule that clearly shows that it's for a bus.

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And thats how I saw its a new cover the pdf lol. USUALLY they do fill up the schedules on the buses around when a new schedule comes out, usually lol

luckily the subrub buses changed today so I could capture the pic of the old schedule design.

also the el and subway and I guess other non-bus schedules get to have some color.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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