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  1. Actually, I didn't realize how average his record was - it's 117-117. Also, his Pro Football Reference HOF Monitor score has him pretty much tied with...
  2. He certainly was not ever elite, but he was the face of a "legacy" franchise for what - 14, 15 seasons? And won two Owls. As dopey and (usually) average as he is, that's a HOF career. I don't know how much he meant to Giants fans (since I'm not one of them) or to the franchise other than the obvious, so it's not for me to say whether number retirement is appropriate, but it certainly seems that way. and if she had two balls she'd be your grandfather.
  3. I never said he "should" get hurt or I "want" him to get hurt - just that it's not fair that players that want to play get hurt and have to sit out and a guy that clearly wishes he was sitting out didn't. And Lebron is an idiot - but he's far from alone as far as pro athletes go - he's just the most influential idiot. EDIT: And now Embiid is starting to turn on him: I think this opinion piece in today's paper is pretty accurate: https://www.inquirer.com/sixers/ben-simmons-sixers-hawks-game-seven-offseason-trade-decisions-20210621.html But there's 4 teams left, the Sixers aren't one of them, so there's no need for me to bring them into the discussion anymore, so that's it for now. I'll go back to not watching basketball, and everyone that enjoys it can enjoy what should be a good final 4. It's hard not to like the Hawks - especially Tre Young - and the Bucks are an intriguing team too. Should be a great series. Don't know anything about the west teams... but will probably be good.
  4. So he was 3 for 3 - 100%! Simmons should be the one with the torn meniscus, calf strain, or Achilles - Not players that actually want to play.
  5. LOL, they're asking him if he realizes he's probably "played his last game in Philly" and "how do you feel possibly playing your last game in Philly", "you know that everyone's speculating that this is it for you in Philly". And he's wearing a mask, even though it's not required for vaccinated players, so he's probably another of those idiots that listen to Lebron or he's a southern hillbilly. They really need to have a minimum-aptitude test for these guys. To his credit, after the dismissive "well this is Philly, what do you expect?" he admitted he sucked at all aspects, but "I am what I am". To hell with him. EDIT: To Glenn Rivers "will Ben Simmons be a point guard if he's on the team right now?" Glenn: "I can't answer that"
  6. Watching all the player Zoom conferences now, just hoping that one of them has the balls to call out Ben Simmons for being an insecure little child who steals money every two weeks. Actually... they just said he's up next. I hope the "Philly Media lol" actually asks him legit questions... but I think they all retired, accepted buy-outs, or died a decade ago.
  7. Philadelphia has been going through a bit of a "thing" with our Streets dept. and sanitation workers, and in many neighborhoods, trash and/or recycling hasn't been picked up for a couple of weeks. Those sanitation workers bust their asses, likely got covid because they had to work all through the pandemic, and are fighting just to get hazard pay, which should have been instantly granted to them but [pre-mod edit for politics]. Ben Simmons and Glenn Rivers should have to work on those trucks for a couple of weeks and see what it's like to really "work hard" in life - not "work hard" on a game court for a half hour. My guess is that neither one has really worked a day in their life. Their hearts are like Lebron's brain.
  8. The Sixers blew leads of 18 and 25 to lose two games of this series. And Glenn Rivers has a guaranteed contract. What's the incentive for losers like him and Ben Simmons to give any Fs? In the real world, neither of them would be able to hold any kind of job.
  9. To steal one of my favorite lines in recent CCSLC memory, Ben Simmons can eat all the farts. Scumbag.
  10. I ain't bitter - I don't even really watch basketball, but I can see that Atlanta is a really good team, Tre Young is incredible, and they should probably have been a higher seed and are in the ECF on merit. But Ben Simmons is proof that dog turds can actually breathe.
  11. Embiid's not the problem. He's playing through some stuff that most players wouldn't even try to, and he's putting up 30+ / game while at probably 50%. Danny Green being out for the series didn't help, but Ben Simmons represents everything that's wrong with pro sports. He collects a guaranteed contract for zero effort and zero heart. Zero preparation, and zero Fs given. I absolutely hate him. Joel Embiid should cripple him. If Simmons had 1/10th of Embiid's heart they'd be in the ECF.
  12. LOL Ben Simmons passed up a clear dunk/layup to give up the ball because he's a scared little child who's afraid of doing anything that resembles shooting the ball. I've taken dumps that have more confidence in their shots than him. He's trash.
  13. The Giants have nothing to do with any discussion about whether or not WFT is a good name. Literally nothing.
  14. What's that have to do with anything?
  15. When I think "transit", I think public transportation or mass transit (subway, bus, train, trolley, etc.) not cars.
  16. also his years of post HS education. Possibly his years of actual HS education.
  17. Then maybe it's not Hinkie or Coangelo - maybe the blame falls solely on the actual player. This isn't like drafting Markel Fultz, who Danny Ainge obviously knew was flawed. Ben Simmons clearly feels that he was good enough at whatever level he was out coming out of his bogus year of college, got paid, and doesn't feel like trying any harder than the bare minimum to collect his max contract. Ben Simmons is everything that's wrong with sports. He's probably playing video games while the rest of the team is practicing free throws. EDIT: Mike Schmidt was vilified for the majority of his Phillies career, because he didn't show much emotion and came across as "arrogant" to the idiotic "Philly's a blue-collar town, he's not one of us!!" idiots. But at the end of the day, I don't think anyone can deny that he did everything he could to be as good as he could be. There's some parallels between Schmidt and Simmons, but the latter is the exact opposite. I don't hate him just because he doesn't show emotion and doesn't "get mad". I think that's garbage - its's totally possible to care without all the histrionics. I hate him because I legitimately think he does not care one single bit about the gift he's been given to make $40M/year and insults every intelligent person that turns on a TV to watch him play. He's never worked at anything his entire life. He's a waste of air. Good for Kendall Jenner for getting rid of him.
  18. Referees are complete jerks. There's no reason to call this foul that has everyone confused and a guy shooting free throws that only impact gamblers and rub salt in it. I swear, umpires and referees feel the need to make themselves matter because they have little weenies and are jealous that they weren't good enough to play the sports that they officiate.
  19. Ben Simmons was a Coangelo gem. Before he resigned for having his wife use burner Twitter accounts. You're welcome.
  20. My gods - this is the first time I've watched the Nets play, and I can't believe how good Kevin Durant is at playing basketball. He's the anti Ben Simmons. He wants the ball, he's not afraid of taking the big shot, he's also 6'10" but is rail thin yet somehow far more agile than Simmons, and seems to have a genuine interest in winning basketball games.
  21. Again though, a center vs a point guard. Most centers don't become basketball players because of their basketball prowess or superior athleticism - usually because they're 7'10 and can block some shots. Watching tonight's game, it's fully - Jrue Holliday was traded to start The Process, and now - the Sixers probably couldn't trade Ben Simmons... the jewel of the Process... for him. "But he plays defense..." yeah - but he's a complete liability with no work ethic, heart, guts, desire, etc. I reserve the right to change this opinion if he leads them to a victory in game 7 against Atlanta... but Tre Young is very good at basketball so I don't see that happening. If they win, it will likely be in spite of him.
  22. Top middle is too Colt 45ish / western for a team named after the space race. Middle left is a little too close to the birds-on-bat for my liking. I kinda like every one of the Astros concepts from the first page... especially the one with the silly mascot. IDK about that uniform with the shoulder hoop things.
  23. right. He won super bowls 20 years apart - so there’s tons of kids who saw him win a title who weren’t even born when their parents saw him win. That’s “multi generational”… ya?
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