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  1. How do you know Starter designed them? Many teams used either in-house or 3rd-party designers and just fed the designs to the manufacturers back then. Not saying Starter didn't design them, but it's possible that all they did was make someone else's design.
  2. Does that count Jalen Hurts (2) replacing Carson Wentz (11) as starter?
  3. Any running back, d-back, and LB can wear 44.
  4. The color rush set sucks. For a gimmick uniform I guess it's OK (keeping in mind that gimmick uniforms are completely unnecessary) but the Bengals need to be black and orange. Should call it the colorless rush.
  5. Yes, but the Atlanta Braves old savage logo is printed all over them, like the Seahawks stripe and how the Browns used to have that carbon-fiber effect.
  6. The channel has sucked since it was rebranded from Comcast and they got rid of the SportsNite show, debate shows, and live non-game programming. It used to be a channel I'd put on for reasons other than to watch a game, but now if it's not a game, it's just lousy infomercials. It's a shame - it was excellent once.
  7. If their social media was really ballsy, on April 1 they'd announce that they selected the new name and it's "Savages", and have a helmet with Wahoo holding a football as the logo, giant tomahawks on the shoulders, and a casino-themed secondary logo. The stadium is being renamed the FedEx Teepee. The burgundy remains unchanged.
  8. Does this include the regional channels too? NBCSN Philly just laid a bunch more people off.
  9. It's a fair point that it used to be reserved more for fullbacks and 4th string TEs rather than quick/nimble guys, but I still think of it as more of a mobile number than anything in the 50s. John Riggins, Keith Byars, and Tom Rathman wore 40s well.
  10. Mistake number 1 is looking at that thread. Even still, "worst right now" doesn't mean "worst of all time". While I'm sure that there are some people that may feel that way, I'm also sure that recency bias plays into at least some of that. Ranking are subjective, and it's my opinion that they're bad - really bad - but still not in the same territory as the former Browns, Bucs, Jags half/half helmet, early 00s Bills, maybe current Titans, and Falcons.
  11. James Brooks was a monster in Tecmo Super Bowl. Here's a rare photo of the Esiason set with normal block font as opposed to Champion:
  12. I'm not sure an introductory press conference is the time to "fire up the troops", and I certainly wouldn't want any troops that would be fired up by that to be fighting for me. I don't really know much about Bienemy as a coach, just that he's been mentioned as one of the "hot coordinators" for a few seasons now, and yet dufus after dufus get hired and no black coaches seem to get close. Maybe he's a bad interview (did anyone even interview him?) and maybe he's not qualified - I'm not going to die on the Eric Bienemy hill - but out of six hires, not one was African American? I think it's perfectly fair to question the qualifications of many of the hires over the past couple of seasons and think that there might have been some other candidates. I'm not saying that all of these owners and GMs are racist (but let's not pretend that they're all "equal opportunity" employers) but it's fair to think that there may be some unconscious bias in the coaching searches. What is there now - 1 out of 32 head coaches is African American? Come on. The Duce Staley thing is more of a local thing - I wouldn't expect him to get any job outside of Philadelphia. I won't get into his qualifications or endorsements because it's one of those things where there's a lot of local context needed to get it.
  13. I guess I'm conditioned to associate "eligible" with "athletic".
  14. It'd be funny if they put little breaks in all their helmet stripes like the Rams did with their horn.
  15. Guys like that not only get head coaching jobs, but get six year contracts, while Black coaches like Eric Bienemy, Duce Staley et al get passed over, sometimes because they "didn't have play-calling responsibility", but then the Eagles hire some white dude that nobody has ever heard of despite him never calling plays. I listened to that guy's conference and it blows my mind that a person like him could hold a "respectable" job. It furthers my point that football coaches should not be thought of as geniuses or mad scientists. They're all dumb-AF meatheads - it's just that some of them wear glasses and look smart. EDIT: Jeff Lurie is as progressive an owner as there is in all of sports and I don't feel even for a second that race consciously played into his hire, but it's a really bad look.
  16. I don't need a coach to be "super smart". I need a coach to acknowledge that he's not "super smart" and surround himself and take input from people that are. There's nothing worse than when someone who's average things that they're smarter than everyone else. Being stupid is OK - as long as you know it.
  17. What "heavy rumors" surrounding the Cards?
  18. Well the Eagles aren't hiring Josh McDaniels... or the people's choice Duce Staley. Who the hell is Nick Sirianni? Not that I know who even 25% of coordinators in the league are, but this seems like the kind of guy that is young, itching for a promotion no matter how bad the situation, and will just be controlled and discarded like Doug Pederson was. He's also the first local coach/manager in my lifetime to be younger than me. Has nothing to do with his ability to be a successful coach, but makes me feel old, and that soon I'll probably be working for someone younger than me, which shouldn't matter but kinda does.
  19. That basically supports what I said - he didn't matter. Not that he wasn't great, and not that it's his fault he played in the league at a time where there's multiple HOF QBs in front of him, but at the end of the day, if he never existed, nothing in history would be any different, and if you erased him from history, and nobody would notice.
  20. Basically do like the Chargers, just with tiger stripes on the shoulders. No need for TV numbers. Go with single-color numbers (to make them 'simple' like the color rush) or even some kind of custom, but something more like the Texans rather than something dumb like the Browns. I think single-color varsity block would more than suffice.
  21. The addition of a jersey probably doesn't have nearly the same rules around it as the change of anything that's primary (like the logo, cap, or jersey.) If it's just a totally new jersey, then they don't have to pull the stock or mark-down anything that's already existing at retail or in marketing materials, and don't have to update the logo in the 5 million places it's used. Hell - teams wear their BPs in games sometimes. I don't think MLB cares about the lack of lead time for the black jersey - in fact, they probably support it.
  22. Comparing QBs across eras is a mistake. Even average guys can throw for 4,000 yards and a million TDs now. The rules are way more QB-friendly now. It's still obvious who the true greats are, but using stats alone to say that a guy from today is better than a guy from 40 years ago is not the way to do it. Based on the relatively low bar that the NFL has for HOF, Rivers is absolutely in. NFL HOF tends to favor stats above almost anything. My test is pretty simple - did he really "matter"? Like, would the NFL be any different if he didn't play? Would his teams have really been any different if he didn't play? He played forever, but I don't know if he had the same impact on his team like a guy like Brees, and did he ever play in any games that really mattered? I think one AFCCG, but that's about it, no? Granted, my bar is pretty high, and has nothing to do with whether he deserves to get in based on the established system. In my world, a guy like Rivers is not in, while Brees and Ben are shoe-ins. Eli also probably makes it, even though he was only above average at best, but two SBs is two SBs, and he played a big role in taking down an 18-0 team on the biggest stage. Larry Fitzgerald? Nope. Never mattered. NFL HOF should rename itself the "Fantasy Football HOF", since guys that put up great fantasy stats are really the ones that are going to get in, and the eye-test seems to be less important.
  23. Way back in the day, 80s were for "ends", which could be tight end, split end, or even defensive end. Then 90s became the defensive end number, with DTs still (mostly) in the 70s. OLBs in a 3-4 started going with 90s (which kinda made sense since one was usually on the line) and then 90s just became normal for defensive line and edge rushers. I'm glad most LBs have gone away from using 90s. Since the late 90s, the Eagles seem to always have one or two DEs with numbers in the 50s, so that's normal to me, even if unconventional.
  24. They made it crystal clear that they're not dropping the name until they have their new one after this season.