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  1. No I'm fine with that - I'm specifically referring to why the coaches have to if everyone else is tested. There really shouldn't be anyone on the field that hasn't gone through the testing, so it should theoretically be a safe place. The protocols seem to be working, so I'm fine with the players not wearing them, as long as the penalties for violating the protocols are very harsh.
  2. I listened to some of the Eagles game on the radio, and the Eagles pbp guy was descriing the game: "Eagles in their home midnight green jerseys with white pants. The Rams are in all white, but it's kind of a... 'dirty' white. Dingy even. And their blue helmets with ram horn." Color guy: "it looks like they got those uniforms on sale at a Goodwill. Looks like they started out white and just got dirty over time."
  3. Regarding the Covid rules 1) If everyone on a team is tested all the time, including coaches, why do the coaches need to wear masks and the players don't? Don't the league protocols ensure that everyone on the field is clean? I know that tests aren't 100% accurate, but it would seem to me that the coaches should have a choice. Maybe some would still choose to wear it, but obviously most wouldn't. There's not even sideline reporters - so who do they come in contact with (on the sidelines at least)? 2) Edited out. Basically a rant about the people of Texas and Florida. Low hanging fruit at this point. I hope none of them get Covid.
  4. They stocked up on numbers in case of a pandemic just like people stocked up on toilet paper. The irony is that they’ve been wiping their asses with spare 2s for the past 6 months.
  5. Neither the Browns nor the Steelers need white pants. Their matchups would look great with the browns in orange whether home or away. I'd say to go wipe your ass with their white pants, but that would turn them brown, which would be much worse than orange, so don't do that. Just burn them.
  6. He's 45 in that photo. He looks 70. We've discussed countless times how people used to age faster back in the day, probably due to drugs or just not taking care of themselves, but man he looks bad. Also looks like a clown in that clown hat they used to wear. Looks like he's going to play golf at the retirement community.
  7. THe solution to that is 1) tuck in your jersey rather than have it tailored with elastic, or 2) wear the undershirt, but tuck it in. THat blue cumberbund is changing the uniform, since it was designed to be monobone. Someone on the team who's wearing his uniform correctly should really be a leader and tell that player (58? 59?) that he looks like a complete idiot.
  8. Look at 82. Why on earth would you want to look like that? It can't be comfortable to have a shirt like that under the jersey, so is it some kind of statement? Then there's these clowns. 26 and 75 look like they just rolled out of bed and into an NFL game.
  9. Adjusting the uniform makes it 1) not uniform, and 2) defeats the purpose of paying designers to make it look a certain way. You're welcome to your opinion, but I'd assume that anyone that cares enough about uniforms to join a site about uniforms would want the uniforms to be worn as designed.
  10. I still think the numbers are stupid. It makes no sense for the middle sections to have sharp angles while the outer parts are rounded. Custom for custom's sake.
  11. NFL is starting to turn into college or even high school with the way their uniforms are being worn. Exposed legs, long t-shirts under jerseys, mismatched socks, and mismatched shoes just looks completely amateur. You've made it to the highest level of your profession - why do you want to dress like you're in the lowest? It's like graduating medical school and then showing up to do your first surgery in a stained novelty-t, cargo shorts, white tube socks, and slides.
  12. White is the worst color they could use. It's gray>gray>gray>brown>white
  13. Gray just looks so good with orange and brown. It's a very autumnal combination. I also wish they'd go back to their old shade of brown. "Seal brown" I think?
  14. The problem with that is it only really works when the Raiders are wearing black..
  15. Hopefully just saw Jake Arietta rip his hamstring and end his career. Can't imagine many players for whom I've rooted so hard to suffer a career ending injury. It might just be a simple pull, but I really hope there's something like a tear off the bone. I hope it's torn so bad that his son limps too. With any luck, he'll slip on a banana peel while limping to the clubhouse and suffer a concussion to boot. Loser.
  16. I think gray would be better for the Chiefs.
  17. Gray > brown for Cleveland. I'm not a pro-gray-masker, but it worked really well for them.
  18. I think my new personal rule is: Gray facemasks can and should be used instead of white on any colored shell. White facemasks are acceptable on white helmets only, but gray is still preferred. Not sure why, but I just hate white facemasks - especially when the helmet isn't white.
  19. Regarding the numbers, are the current Nike numbers actually sewn? Or are they heat pressed? Or something else? Unless there's some super-proprietary process involved, I'd expect that the team's equipment staff or in-house seamstresses* should be able to handle the job. No idea why the mistakes, but I highly doubt it's due to any financial constraints.
  20. The white should have been gray, and the shoulder hoops should have been more like either the Panthers or their previous ones (tapered, not arbitrarily cut off.)
  21. I'd argue that while it's allowed in basketball and baseball, it's never "acceptable". It's cute when someone like Omar Olivares wears 00, or Al Oliver wears 0, but other than that I'm not a fan. Especially when there's a 0 and 00. That's the same number. A similar, but more absurd example, was when Benito Santiago went with 09. GTFO - your number isn't that important that you need to go to that length to keep it.
  22. I don't think he's ever fielded those questions. I have a hard time believing that he even cared enough to weigh in on the new uniforms - especially if he loathes the subject as much as you're saying.
  23. I came here to post the same thing. It looks like they're wearing bone jerseys just like the Rams.
  24. I grew up with Gibbs 1.0 and have always associated Washington as a white-over-burgundy team with the once-a-year burgundy-over-white game. I thought it was kinda cool that the two main white-at-home teams were in the NFC East. All these years (decades) later and it's still weird to me to see them wearing their dark jersey at home.