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  1. Shouldn't compare two different teams. What works for one has nothing to do with the other.
  2. It's like those slob shirts and bike shorts are part of the official uniform. Those players look like trash.
  3. In the NFL, players go where the money is, and there's only so much to go around, so every team has a legit chance of signing good players. In the NBA, the rules allow it so the best players have the leverage to pick and choose where they go (or at least where they won't go) so adding teams in places they don't want to be should be a non starter. As for Nashville, I'm not sure most NBA players want to go somewhere where the n-word is part of many people's everyday vocabulary (based on my limited experience of two weeks two years apart.)
  4. Basically the truck drivers' union, but a lot more too. Veiled organized crime syndicate. Jimmy Hoffa is buried underneath Giants Stadium.
  5. but if you're going to say that, then you could say the same about the Bills - "get rid of the yoke and drop all the navy and it's fine". You can't do that.
  6. If you listen to what Lurie said yesterday, it's obvious - and an indication that the Eagles are F'd. Howie is a conniving-undermining snake. I never used to buy the "he's not a football guy!" argument, but it's perfectly clear that a freaking CPA should not be in charge of your scouts and coaches.
  7. I'm disappointed in the Doug Pederson firing. Not because I think he's a great coach, but because it confirmed my biggest fear, and that's that owner Jeffrey Lurie is calling all the football shots, and I don't have any faith that any coach can succeed here. I'm surprised because Lurie wants stability in the HC position - like Pittsburgh, New England, and the Eagles with Andy Reid. I'm sure that Doug basically said that he couldn't be a puppet anymore and they said 'OK, then you can't be our coach.' There's a real chance that Doug Pederson becomes Terry Francona. A guy that was just happy to have his first job (in Philadelphia!), smiled, and did what his bosses (and players) told him. Then got fired, got a change of scenery and a fresh start, and became very successful. Doug was done dirty here. He had no say in his own coaching staff. Hell - they hired the DC before even hiring him! Just last offseason, he announced that he was retaining his OC, only for the OC to be fired the next day, because the owner and GM (who's the real culprit here) said so. Doug had to get permission for everything, including benching Carson Wentz. He was told to tank (despite his weak-effort to hide it) and then left hanging to face the questions. He had no chance. Doug's a very nice guy, honest to a fault with the media, and it's very possible that he finally got a backbone and stood up for himself and was fired for it. He was flat out told that his choice for the new DC and OC (after not even having one this season) were unacceptable and that it would be a "team effort" to find coaches, and that he wouldn't be allowed to call plays anymore. Granted, those choices were promotions from within, but how can you have any pride if you're simply a "yes man"? Jeff Lurie said that he "has a feeling that Doug will wind up with another HC job by the end of the week", which leads to speculation that the Jets may want him. I don't know if he's a good coach or not, but he needs a fresh start somewhere else with an organization that empowers him to do his job.
  8. I really don't think Doug Pederson had a say in or even cared what they wore.
  9. well... I had the first two words right.
  10. Let's address this - what is "BBP"? I've been assuming it's something I read in Urban Dictionary which makes me giggle every time I see a post, but that's probably not correct.
  11. They clearly would have gone for two and been successful. No doubt. Pretty sure the receiver was thinking ahead to the 2-point play and that's why he dropped the TD.
  12. 83 dropped a perfect pass in the endzone that would have given them the lead. I don't know how to embed video from Yahoo (I didn't even realize Yahoo still existed!) but here it is if you haven't seen it.
  13. I understand why you didn't watch Super Bowl LII.
  14. Considering how much I love Andy Reid, I may paint my body orange and brown next weekend. I'll post nude selfies to prove it, but I'll plaster the naughty parts with advertisements for things that nobody on the forum is interested in so you won't even know anything is out of the ordinary.
  15. Sports needs more Lavar Balls. A lot more. Is Big Baller Brand still a thing?
  16. Way to go, JuJu Smith-Schuster. "Browns is [sic] the Browns" will go down in Cleveland lore if this holds up. “I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,” the Steelers receiver said Wednesday, via Tom Withers of the Associated Press. “I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”
  17. I agree. 74 really sucks too. Bears should be leading this game.
  18. Bears 83 should be punched in the face for completely whiffing on a sure TD. Hard to call yourself a professional if the ball goes right between your hands and you don't even really touch it.
  19. Back to the discussion about tnaking - now that the NFL is business partners with a million gambling sites, do they have an added responsibility to make sure that teams don't pull their QBs because they may accidentally win? People who bet on week 17 games are kinda dumb, but they still do, and I could see a lawsuit against the league if people could prove that the team intentionally manipulated the outcome. Kinda like points shaving.
  20. Funny - while watching that game, I was thinking about how well those Seahawks uniforms have held up, especially since trash like the Browns and Bucs came and went. Not every uniform needs to be a 'classic' or a 'forever uniform', but for now, I think it's a perfect look for them and for a team from Seattle. Will it last another 10 seasons? Probably not... but that's OK. The league is fine with a balance between teams with 'old school' brands like KC, Pittsburgh, Dallas, etc., and teams with contemporary looks that evolve over time, like Seattle and maybe the Chargers. Atlanta really wants to be in that latter group, but then they go ahead and turn out dog crap. When I think 'modern classic', I think of a uniform that has some contemporary elements but can also be a 'forever uniform'. Bucs, with their use of non-traditional color like pewter, probably fall into that category. Texans probably do. Maybe Vikings, though their font gimmick sucks. I think the Eagles fall into it, but I get that might be a minority opinion. I would certainly NOT call the Seahawks uniform a 'modern classic', but it's a good uniform for 2021. That's all it wants to be, and that's all it needs to be.
  21. You said that "some people feel the need to suppress others[sic] input and thoughts on this forum". So you're accusing some people of suppressing thoughts, even if not Sec19Row53. Just curious where you've seen such suppression since you've apparently noticed it enough to comment on it.
  22. I get very uncomfortable watching him play, knowing what he went through to get back. I know that's on me and not on him, but I cringe whenever he gets hit or has to run. I can't believe he'd want to put himself out there again after nearly dying and losing the leg and going through 17 surgeries. I have nothing at all against the guy, but I never want to watch him play again. I want to get excited watching a QB get squashed, not tremble in fear because his leg could be dangling by a thread. Unlike NBA, I think it's always better to make the playoffs in the NFL than not, regardless of drafting implications. Maye that's changed now that there's an unnecessary 7 seed, but for the most part that's where I'm at - and Washington kinda showed why. They almost got another week out of it, and that's fun if your a fan. Sure they could have tanked against the Eagles and gotten a much better pick (and forced the Giants to have a worse pick) but the experience of playoff football is worth more than the pick.
  23. From the comments section, here's the NSFW alleded IG DM thread (which includes his voice) where he makes his 'joke' - So many questions. 1) he's a security guard, but dropped 60k on a SUV, and openly asks for donations? I get charging for cameos (which is how this all seems to have started) but seems like he just takes handouts too. 2) he claims he was joking, but YOU DON'T JOKE ABOUT ASKING A 14 YEAR OLD TO SHOW HER... ANYTHING. 3) I don't use IG messaging, but you can voice? And save them off and post them in Twitter threads? I don't get how all this stuff works. I don't get how anything works... so maybe I should be in Parler.