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Blue Jay Logo

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The Blue Jay is off to a good start. Nothing much to change with it, perhaps add a white or blue outline.

The scripts are decent, but need work. The font you chose is generic, aside from the different "curls" or "notches" that you added to some of the letters. Change the font, and include the curls with the new font.

Good start,


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To be honest with you it looks like a plastic blow up kind of thing. It is a good start. I'm guessing you don't want it to look like Toronto. The scripts are pretty plain, sorry for the negativity but that's kind of what you need to improve.

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It's not bad, but it could definitely use some work. First off, I suggest you google a blue jay head. This isn't a terrible representation, but when I think of blue jay logos, I always always imagine them having pointed head on the back. Another thing I would consider is that jays have that black ring going around the entire neck, and actually have a predominately white face with the blue just being above the eyes. I think if you're going to have black in the logo somewhere (right now it's the eye) it should also be in the beak. Like I said I think you have a pretty good general shape of the head, it could just use some tweaks here and there.

PS-- it needs an outline! I think the navy darker blue color would work well here. Make it pretty thick too. One of my biggest pet peeves is razor-thin outlines.

Good start, just keep working at it!

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