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  1. This is a great idea for a thread, I have a lot of fun with stuff like this. I decided to do a couple in Omaha and one in my hometown. The first and obvious choice for me was Elmwood Park in Omaha. Anyone that's ever drove through the park has made the comment that they feel like a street racer because of it's snaking main road. There is plenty of parking throughout the park for officials, media, etc, and one lot would work well for the pits. Public parking would be at both UNO campuses directly to the north and south. Crowds could line the entire main drag and along the finish line. The north side of Pacific St also would be a prime viewing area. This is a great location because it's centrally located in Omaha and the course doesn't interfere with the busy 72nd & Dodge intersection. It would be a good family event, with all the green space and playgrounds in the middle to keep kids entertained. It would take place during the summer when traffic wouldn't be nearly as heavy between UNO campuses. Next I designed one for my hometown of Ponca, NE. There's not a whole lot of space to work with, so I tried to make the most interesting course I could that follows the most newly paved streets. I wanted to put the finish line downtown where bleachers could be set up to accommodate the crowd and drive them towards local businesses. The pits would be located in the school parking lot on the west end of the track. Turn 6 is where things get tricky, as drivers would turn down a hill with an extremely steep incline, and a lot of potholes. After Turn 8, it's then downhill again, back into town. The pink line near the start line is where the cars would start, and they could all set up "garages" in the nearby fire hall. Parking would definitely be an issue with this course, but hey, that's why it's fictional. And here's my other Omaha course. The first thing I wanted to do was have something that went by the Leahy Mall, which would make for some great photos around turns 4 and 5. I think the best choice for the finish line is directly in front of the CenturyLink Center, which has a spacious front plaza that could hold some temporary grandstands. The adjacent parking lot would be a good location for the pits as well. The course winds around almost every major landmark downtown, including the CenturyLink Center, TD Ameritrade Park, the First National Bank Building, and the Pedestrian Bridge / riverfront area. The red areas on the map indicate parking, and there are countless other garages and lots that could be used, too. The only major traffic issue I can see is all the airport traffic that comes from Abbot Dr/Cuming St. Traffic from Iowa can easily avoid the course by going on the overpass.
  2. Nope, no contract. I guess I didn't think it was necessary for a relatively small job like that, but I'll have to reconsider that in the future. I last emailed him about a month ago, and still no reply so it's looking like a lost cause at this point. What's the best way to go about creating a contract through email? And how much information should be on it? I know it could be tricky because even if I had created a contract with this guy, I might be in the same situation.
  3. Right now I'm in a situation that I'm sure others have dealt with before, so I'm looking for some guidance. A few months ago, someone contacted me through Dribbble asking for a few custom baseball scripts to be used on t-shirts as Christmas gifts. We agreed upon a price and within a day I sent him the first draft (a small jpeg). For a week we corresponded back and forth, and I sent him two more example images based on small changes he suggested. When I sent him what was probably going to be the final draft, I never got a reply. He had consistently replied for weeks, and then nothing. So in my mind there are two possibilities: either this guy died unexpectedly, or he stole my work without compensation. The drafts I sent were fairly small jpeg images, but they still could've been traced. I've now emailed him about once a week with no reply still. Any thoughts on what to do in this situation? I have really no way of tracking this person down, but through his Dribbble account I was able to find a Behance portfolio, and I just messaged him on there.
  4. Is anyone else blocked from viewing certain threads? I have Avast antivirus for my macbook, and almost every time I click on a thread that hasn't been posted in for a couple weeks, I get an "Infection blocked" message that says there is an HTML:Script-inf. I know there's probably nothing Chris can do, I'm just curious if anyone else with Avast is having the same problem.
  5. As far as I know, none of my work on this site has been stolen, but I can't say I'm completely sure about some of my other artwork. Is anyone else familiar with the site Redbubble? A few months ago I designed shirts for my brother and we needed a site to sell them through. I didn't end up using Redbubble, but I checked out some of the stuff on the site. I found that one of my designs (a Breaking Bad illustration I had only posted on dribbble at the time) had been stolen and was being used on a t-shirt (a poorly designed one at that). I contacted Redbubble and the user that posted it and he removed it from the site, saying "I didn't know it was yours, I found it on a Breaking Bad blog." Okay, he removed it, he didn't sell anything, so I should have nothing to worry about. But it still upsets me that this guy would see it on a blog and think it's okay to take it and try to make a profit. I don't really have a problem with my work being posted on tumblr because it's more like "hey, look at this cool thing I found," not outright theft. If you do some more searching on Redbubble, you'll see that a lot of their user-posted designs are either complete crap or copy-paste jobs of stolen art. I can't prove that any of them are stolen, but they just have that look to them. Of course, I could be a little paranoid because one of my designs was stolen. When I contacted Redbubble about my stolen art I also mentioned that they likely have more stolen work on their site but they gave no response.
  6. I like the green and orange idea for Milwaukee, but it seems a little backwards considering hunters are the ones wearing orange, not the animals. I think it could work as a trim color like the above concept. Honestly, I'd be okay with pretty much anything besides black/red.
  7. I agree, I think the thing that bothers me with a lot of your concepts are the detailed collar/sleeve design. But that's just a matter of personal taste. Overall I like the Clippers' redesign, it would certainly be a unique look in the league. I like the idea of the secondary logo (I've thought about trying out a similar one myself) but I feel like it's too... literal, for lack of a better word. There's too much empty space in the circle because the flags don't fill the shape very well. I think you could find another way to fit the nautical flags into an alternate logo without them being literally flags.
  8. Haha sorry again for posting on the same day! We both have very similar ideas, so obviously I love these. The meshing of eras works very nicely with both of them. That Cavs court is phenomenal, particularly the sides of the key.
  9. Oh wow, I haven't been on the boards in a while, so I didn't see this thread before starting my series. I didn't mean to be a copycat, but great job! These are by far the best NBA concepts I've seen on here recently. I love all of these, especially the Nets. I look forward to the rest.
  10. I love this thread. A few small "arenas" I've been in: Dakota Dome, Vermillion, SD: (also used for football) Nothing spectacular architecture-wise, but I've played in here quite a bit and I love arenas with natural light. Snyder Arena, Lincoln, NE Not really an arena, but I figure I'd include it because it's pretty unique as far as high school gyms go. The "Minidome", South Sioux City, NE
  11. That's a pretty nice logo. Do you have a better version? I tried to post a better version but it said the image was not allowed on here. This is the best I can find on google: Another few more it won't let me post: Lincoln High Links. Columbus Discoverers Omaha Westside Warriors Omaha Benson Bunnies Perkins County Plainsmen Fort Calhoun Pioneers (something tells me this may not be original, who knows) Lincoln Southwest Silverhawks (another questionable one) Lincoln Northeast Rockets
  12. I wanted to post more, but the links weren't working. Anyway, here's a few from Nebraska: Cozad Haymakers Lincoln Northstar Navigators Beatrice Orangemen Grand Island Islanders
  13. CAB

    NCAA Minimalist Logos

    Glad you guys like these! I doubt I'll do every FBS team. Most likely I'll just do the power 6 conferences because like you said, the mascots can get repetitive. Anywho, here's the Big 12 and ACC: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Everybody's doing it! I was bored tonight so I decided I've give the Big 10 a try. I may do other conferences later. No letters, just symbols. Big 10 Big 12 ACC I tried to avoid using their actual logos with most of them, although some are pretty much the same (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin).
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