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  1. This is a great idea for a thread, I have a lot of fun with stuff like this. I decided to do a couple in Omaha and one in my hometown. The first and obvious choice for me was Elmwood Park in Omaha. Anyone that's ever drove through the park has made the comment that they feel like a street racer because of it's snaking main road. There is plenty of parking throughout the park for officials, media, etc, and one lot would work well for the pits. Public parking would be at both UNO campuses directly to the north and south. Crowds could line the entire main drag and along the finish line. The north side of Pacific St also would be a prime viewing area. This is a great location because it's centrally located in Omaha and the course doesn't interfere with the busy 72nd & Dodge intersection. It would be a good family event, with all the green space and playgrounds in the middle to keep kids entertained. It would take place during the summer when traffic wouldn't be nearly as heavy between UNO campuses. Next I designed one for my hometown of Ponca, NE. There's not a whole lot of space to work with, so I tried to make the most interesting course I could that follows the most newly paved streets. I wanted to put the finish line downtown where bleachers could be set up to accommodate the crowd and drive them towards local businesses. The pits would be located in the school parking lot on the west end of the track. Turn 6 is where things get tricky, as drivers would turn down a hill with an extremely steep incline, and a lot of potholes. After Turn 8, it's then downhill again, back into town. The pink line near the start line is where the cars would start, and they could all set up "garages" in the nearby fire hall. Parking would definitely be an issue with this course, but hey, that's why it's fictional. And here's my other Omaha course. The first thing I wanted to do was have something that went by the Leahy Mall, which would make for some great photos around turns 4 and 5. I think the best choice for the finish line is directly in front of the CenturyLink Center, which has a spacious front plaza that could hold some temporary grandstands. The adjacent parking lot would be a good location for the pits as well. The course winds around almost every major landmark downtown, including the CenturyLink Center, TD Ameritrade Park, the First National Bank Building, and the Pedestrian Bridge / riverfront area. The red areas on the map indicate parking, and there are countless other garages and lots that could be used, too. The only major traffic issue I can see is all the airport traffic that comes from Abbot Dr/Cuming St. Traffic from Iowa can easily avoid the course by going on the overpass.
  2. He's right. Gonna have to fix my design now. "The Athletic Frog cannot appear with the arched logo. The Athletic Frog and the arched TCU logo can only appear together on football helmets."
  3. Decided to give this a shot as well.
  4. Glad I inspired you! This is a great start. Don't they use predominantly red right now? I really like the color change. That M monogram is a strong mark, and that's really all I think you need at the high school level. One minor thing that's bugging me is the star, I feel like it could be moved down and to the right just a little (unless you were trying to center it in the serif). Looking forward to the uniforms.
  5. I think those uniforms are about as perfect as you can get them. I love how you fit in the matching helmet/sleeve stripes without making it seem forced. I don't know if I'm sold on that shield shape, though.
  6. I always like these uniform swaps (I remember doing college football ones myself), but I feel like you could be a little more accurate. If you're going to truly swap designs, you might as well go all the way. The font on the Duke jersey kind of ruins it for me. If you're looking for Carolina's font, it's kind of a vertically stretched version of City Bold. Also, the diamonds should be the same size on the jersey and the shorts. Carolina has a very thin contrasting front collar. Other than a few nitpicks, this is a good start, looking forward to the rest.
  7. It used to be a kind of pay-by-class basis, but now you pay a flat rate ($8/month annually or $10 monthly) to enroll in as many classes as you like. This will clear up some questions: If you're unsure if you want to sign up for a full subscription, you can click my teacher referral link and get a 14-day free trial:
  8. Hey everybody, I've spent the past few weeks filming a Skillshare class, and I think it would be of some interest to people on the forums. The class consists of a few sets of short video tutorials explaining how to make a custom postcard illustration out of your own photograph. I demonstrate a few different techniques I use to illustrate, and these can be applied to any design really, not just the postcards. A lot of the principles are similar to what you might find in a sports logo, so if you're looking to sharpen up your skills and make something cool in the process, go ahead and sign up! It's free for a 14-day trial. So please feel free to join and share with your friends if they're interested. I'd love some feedback as well. Here's the link: And here are some examples of the postcards you'd be making:
  9. Nope, no contract. I guess I didn't think it was necessary for a relatively small job like that, but I'll have to reconsider that in the future. I last emailed him about a month ago, and still no reply so it's looking like a lost cause at this point. What's the best way to go about creating a contract through email? And how much information should be on it? I know it could be tricky because even if I had created a contract with this guy, I might be in the same situation.
  10. I loved that Maryland template at first because I thought it was designed specifically for them with a turtle shell/hexagon influence in mind. Also, yeah, Kansas looks gorgeous this season. I hope waist stripes become more prominent again in basketball design. Even Louisville's ultra-thick stripe is growing on me.
  11. I appreciate the comments, everyone. Here's the final four teams on the action template:
  12. After a bit of a hiatus, I've found some free time during Christmas break to work on some bounceball stuff. Unfortunately, no new teams right now, but I did create an action uniform template to give more realism to the sport. I also want to give this a bump so hopefully people can check this out if they missed it this summer. And I'll post the next 4 teams in a few days.
  13. Right now I'm in a situation that I'm sure others have dealt with before, so I'm looking for some guidance. A few months ago, someone contacted me through Dribbble asking for a few custom baseball scripts to be used on t-shirts as Christmas gifts. We agreed upon a price and within a day I sent him the first draft (a small jpeg). For a week we corresponded back and forth, and I sent him two more example images based on small changes he suggested. When I sent him what was probably going to be the final draft, I never got a reply. He had consistently replied for weeks, and then nothing. So in my mind there are two possibilities: either this guy died unexpectedly, or he stole my work without compensation. The drafts I sent were fairly small jpeg images, but they still could've been traced. I've now emailed him about once a week with no reply still. Any thoughts on what to do in this situation? I have really no way of tracking this person down, but through his Dribbble account I was able to find a Behance portfolio, and I just messaged him on there.
  14. My god... do NOT read the comments section of that youtube video (that should be a hard and fast rule anyway, but yeah). Dudes with My Little Pony avatars are trying to dish out branding advice. Anything would have been an improvement over what they had before, and I like this more than I did initially now that I see the d and A. That old mascot-whatever-the-hell-it-is-thing reminds me that DeviantArt is mostly a cesspool of weird fanfiction and gaudy anime vectors. This new logo is a step in the right direction.
  15. It definitely doesn't look good, but I understand why players may not want to pull their socks all the way up to their knees. I could see Nike developing some sock/spandex hybrid that would make the players happy and allow for stripes and other design elements around the calves.