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Trivia Night


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The idea here is a Trivia and Wing night at a local restaurant, the title of which is "Trivial Wings". So starting with this pig (and then an alligator and elephant) will be receiving wings for future pint glasses. I'm pretty happy with the logo right now but understand some good C&C could make it better.

c&c much appreciated.



Could somebody please find Ja Rule so I can make sense of all this?!?! Help me Ja!!!

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there's an inconsistency on the top of the upper wing. The white line separating the black elements is there, but nowhere else. I think either ditch the white line and let the black all touch, or put white lines only between where the black would touch, and make both wings consistent.

I had to look at this thing for a while to pick that out, and even that's extremely minor. It's a great logo, and I love the slogan. It'll look great on a pint glass

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