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  1. I haven't been on in a good while, but I saw the notification, and not only do I like your logo, but I REALLY like that secondary logo. Brilliant and simple and packs the right amount of symbolism. Nice work. Would be all for this approach.
  2. I've never heard the flag thing, but they did use these for their first few seasons. I was told it was a little soccer-centric nod to the very popular soccer teams of the area. Even wearing it, you'd probably never notice the stripes unless you're in very bright light.
  3. I think, like the Montreal Canadiens (who ever thought those two looks would be in the same thought?), they are a BALANCE team. Red and blue are in (relatively) equal amounts, and that is part of the look. And having one color weigh heavier at home or heavier on the road doesn't mean anything, because look at the New York Giants.
  4. This is why there's a golden triangle in the Penguins logo from Day 1 That confluence of the rivers, where Downtown Pittsburgh actually is, is called the Golden Triangle. It's always been in the Penguins logo, it even was on the shoulders in the 90s (that's officially why that design had those shoulders), it's why the Steelers had that batman cape jersey set in the 60s. The triangle has meaning, and it's Pittsburgh's it shouldn't be a keystone for the whole state...stupid Flyers... But yeah, the triangle matters, and it should be there, even if it's redundant in color. ...I also think the penguin looks too lanky without it, the boundaries of the triangle always help break up the look of the long legs, imo.
  5. The red jersey is perfect. I'm super impressed how much the white with the laurels works, and how I've never seen it before. The white loses me. Too much red, the balance is off. Make more of that black, and you have a winner. For the third...I think the black stripe in the middle has to be equal in size to the other two stripes, or pinstripe thin. But the red...the red is really impressive.
  6. It wasn't people who were into hockey, but people who used it to mock and hate on hockey, there is a distinct difference. I really don't bother with needing "Pittsburgh gold" versus any other name, most of it is useless verbiage put out by the manufacturers. Unless it's a distinction like, athletic gold versus vegas gold, why bother getting into an argument over that? So many of the colors end up identical in the fabric now anyway.
  7. I was at the NHL store in New York City just the other day, and I asked about it, and the employee there said I was about the 50th one that day. I have friends who were very excited until they realized it was black, that took some wind out of the sails, but yeah, people want this, and I totally think it's nostalgia for that logo (and the times it evokes) and nothing more.
  8. long ago was that? I'm trying to think the last time I was actively on here. And the irony of being a snob over names of colors while accusing others of being dismissive and gatekeeping is THICK. If you're that hurt over calling it purple and green, and enough to tag me in it, then I feel absolutely justified in lobbing shots at you in your ivory tower of color naming specifics. I stand by everything I've said, and all love for this third is nostalgia-only, because top to bottom, this jersey is a mess.
  9. So why would ANYONE buy one of these jerseys now? By advertising to the point where there isn't even a team logo, they have to be hurting jersey sales - unless they were already so tiny that the teams don't care.
  10. It might look better, but those three stripes, despite technically being a manufacturer's mark, are part of the look of the jersey. For the first time that I know of, we have a visible difference in appearance between replica and authentic, not just a difference in quality. That's a dangerous precedent set.
  11. Am I the only one that sees that Adidas collar NHL logo notch and think
  12. Buffalo is going to blow it, again. So close and yet so far with every unveiling. Do a white version of the old 40th anniversary jerseys, keeping the blue between the gold stripes. Blue shoulders? fine. Buffalo script with the colors inverted or MAYBE that new leaping Buffalo logo, and be done with it. I'm already disappointed.
  13. I agree. Red jersey, introduction of silver, light-colored O, it's too Ohio State-looking. Their team could wear that tomorrow and there would be few questions. ...and I LIKE the O. Canadiens had a chance to diagonal stripe and be interesting. They blew it. Silver additions to the 100th jersey look like crap...again.
  14. PERFECT Arizona, except the logo. Switch it to something else, something stronger, and that's a 10/10. Buffalo, I'd take the blue jersey and make the white stripes gold. The Sabres love running with a two-color look. These are awesome. Keep it up.
  15. I think I'm the only person here who legitimately hates the Jackets' new socks. They're too minimalist, it isn't going to show up on tv, and I don't really care that they match.
  16. The secondary logo is good. it would be a better primary than what they have, and it would be a pretty weak primary. This will make all sorts of "worst of" lists in a decade or less.
  17. Make the hemline stripe thicker, at least as thick as each red stripe on the sleeve, and put a full collar on the white. The alt needs to be cannon-centric to make it different enough to be worth doing. Otherwise, i love it.
  18. Try round it out first. See if that fixes it. The perspective on a third propeller while still keeping that bottom view of the basketball is going to be a nightmare. Plus, you could do a uniform with that long horizontal logo above the numbers instead of a wordmark, and it would look great. I think a two-propeller thing is a much better, much more vintage design. Let's see what can be done to un-snitch this first.
  19. You know, idk that the wings mistake is a problem. Because you're right, they DO look like wings. I think I thought the same thing initially. I don't know that it's a bad thing to think that, though. The Spirit of St Louis was a plane, the first thought of a fan might be a plane, it's a flying basketball, the idea works either way. It could be one of those "hidden features of logos" that say things we all know that blow away random people (There's an H in the Whalers logo. Whaaaa? The Brewers' old logo makes a glove with an m and b. WHOA! The Spirits of St. Louis logo is a propeller, not a plane. MIND BLOWING! ya know?) Because to do it fully correctly, the ball would have to be far smaller, and you lose the detail there. A third spoke would make the logo fill more vertical space, but it would not be accurate, and that could screw up the forced perspective where you see the St. Louis Arch on the ball. It's possible that there are some design issues, the little reflection on the right blade where it meets the ball looks like an error, idk if the lines line up as well as they should at the top, idk if the angles are correct on the blade - it looks alright, but the more you look, the more I want to compare lines. Hopefully with enough bumps, someone who knows design really well can nitpick this to perfection. But I think the logo looks very stoic, corporate-esque (and I mean that in a positive way), and on par with the NBA logos. It fits. It's super simple and effective and has all sorts of layers while looking simple. A logo this simple, stoic, and hard needs to be balanced with a more whimsical secondary, and if you're working on that, carry on. I think you've got an excellent start.
  20. It's genius. Very simple, very straightforward, and the arch on the bottom of the basketball is friggin genius. Subtle. Fitting. Excellent. The script is ok. Functional. It works. Nothing super special though. What I'd like to see is a plane-based secondary logo, that's what's missing here. An actual look at the plane. That's the fun piece you need to make this something really special - that's where you put that ABA whimsy and make this less stoic.
  21. Idk if that would do much. The gold and orange have this weird blending/clashing problem that just doesn't work well. At distance, they blend, in close, they clash. They're too closely related to work together. The team goes well out of their way to prevent them from touching, and I think you need to do it, too.
  22. Gold and orange should never touch. I'd suggest moving the gold stripe next to the white or removing it altogether. Otherwise, this looks really solid, better than I thought a mashup would look.
  23. I saw the Vegas Golden Knights abbreviation for the first time today. It's awful. VGK How ugly does that look? And for what reason? Most teams represent their city. PIT, CHI, BOS. And only add the team to differentiate. NYR, NYI. I think about two-word nicknames, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, but even they represent the city: DET, TOR. The exception? Columbus. CBJ. As much as I love the Jackets, they're not the model to follow here. You're the first one to a new city. Vegas. Not even Las Vegas, LV would've been great. But it's not, so it's even easier: VGS VeGaS It reads naturally. It works seamlessly. You're the only one there right now, own it. OITGDNHL
  24. It doesn't look like the most collegiate of logos, but it certainly does look Vegas. I like it.
  25. I have heard legitimate arguments for all of the above. The Hockey News actually argued for wooden sticks in 2004-05