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Montreal Expos


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after watching triumph and tragedy 1994 expos, i wondered what the expos would look like today in their b.p jersey so after playing around with photoshop here is what i think it would have looked like, as always c+c greatly appreciated


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thanks for all your input guys, i know there is a difference between the authentic cap and bp cap but i couldn't get the red lining on the bp cap to where it looked decent so i used a authentic cap. in my opinion the jersey aspect is good, ill try and fix the hat and post that later, and loogodude90 the logos they had were the best in baseball so there would be no point in changing them, so i took their logos from 2004 and put them on the updated bp, i will work on this a lil longer and then after i post that i would love c+c

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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