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Product Review - I Need Help!

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I really want to move my TV to the other side of the living room, but my apartment only has one cable jack in the room. Getting another jack installed is out of the question, and there's no way to discreetly run a cable around the room.

I was looking for solutions and came across this product:


The only problem is, I haven't found much as far as product reviews on it. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this or something similiar. I'd like to know how it works, and if it's a good solution.

It sounds like it could work, the room isn't extremely large, and there aren't any other 2.4G devices in there. But like I said, I haven't found much info on it.

Any help?

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one of the gals here at work has a "Leap Frog" that is similar. they use it to bounce multiple TVs from one satt box. i don't know the spectrum bandwidth.

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