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Championship (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) Logos


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Seeing the 2010 Minnesota Twins divisional champions logo come out a few days ago, I was reminded how we all get so critical of the way it is done, interestingly this year involving Target Field in the logo, because for some teams (obviously the Twins, excluded), a postseason birth only comes once in a blue moon now a days because of expansion, a salary cap, and frequent player movement (I'm talking to you, 2010 Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres). It is an achievement in itself to reach the postseason in the first place, but to accomplish the feat in consecutive years is remarkable and involves skill in the front office and keen player management). This is why the Twins have undoubtedly been the model small-market MLB franchise for the past decade and have been rolling out the division champions logos on a regular basis). It is even harder in the NFL for teams to win consistently, and the champions logos are harder to spot. I feel like this subject doesn't get brought up often enough, and in an effort to expand the site and make it more history-oriented, I urge anyone that has any media guides, programs, team specific PR books, etc. to post any findings from over the years for any champions logo in any of the four major sports, from any year, past or present.

Also, for each MLB team page on the main site, it would be great if anyone has the logo package for the playoff teams (ColorWerx?).

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Going by team name, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim begin the list (sorry, only links):


I really appreciate the fact that the first article is on John Lackey, the man who said "The better team lost (the Angels)" versus Boston in the 2008 playoffs, then talks all sorts of trash on Boston, it's players and the franchise, then promptly signs with them (the Sawx.) Holy shi'ite, what a douche. Anaheim hasn't seen a grade-A, Benedict Arnold D-bag like him since, well, Paul Kariya took the Ducks within ONE (1) period of a Stanley Cup Championship in 2003, promised to bring the Stanley Cup to Anaheim the following season, then promptly signed (along with former line mate Teemu Selanne) with the Colorado Avalanche. But hey, at least he didn't a.) win the title with Colorado and b.) Had one of the worst seasons of his career there. Speaking of which, has he really ever recovered since his days in eggplant and jade?


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