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My Take on What the Sabres Should Look Like


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so while i have been waiting for my damaged hard drive to be repaired so i can finish my AHL redesign (coming very soon btw) i decided to do a quick sabres concept. now let me say this; i loved the red and black era uniforms, but the logo? not so much. IMO the navy blue and gold just does not work for me as much as the red and black does. now onto the concept; the uniforms are basically what they wear now except i connected the cuff with the striping on the white uniform and made the bottom black to hide the "diaper effect". i switched the colours to the red and black and the light silver colour that was on the cuffs of the old jersey. i also added the "b" sword logo as a shoulder patch for good measure. i may do an alternate if i have time tommorow.



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I like the idea behind it, it's a good merging of the eras. I'm not sure I like the crest with this set, though. It's not bad, it's just I don't prefer it. However, I think the crossed swords alternate crest used on the red alt they used to wear would really make this work, that'd be the perfect crest for where you're trying to go. Anyways, again I really like the idea and I think it looks nice!


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