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Mercyhurst College (NCAA D1 Hockey) Logo/Jersey History

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As a graduate, grad student, and radio announcer at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA, I've been very passionate about the team history here. After extensive research, I have created a comprehensive history of the team, and simply because I love doing it, a history of the teams jerseys

The team was started in 1986 as a club team that played in a city non-contact league, was moved up to NCAA DIII in 1987-88, and then Coach Rick Gotkin was hired, and he has been here ever since, and is the only coach to ever take the same team to the National Tournament in NCAA D1, D2 and D3.

Mercyhurst was in the NCAA DII Tournament in 1991, moved to DII hockey and lost in the National Championship to Bemidji State in 1993 and 1995. The team moved to NCAA DI in 1999, won the MAAC in 2001 and lost to Michigan (with leading scorer Mike Cammalleri) 4-3 when expected to get blown out. Made the tournament again in 2003 (loss to Minnesota) and 2005 (loss to Boston College), and has had one player make the NHL (Jamie Hunt, Washington).

With that brief description, here are the logos used by the hockey team, done as best as my programs can handle. If someone can improve the quality, and wouldn't mind helping out, that would be awesome. Hopefully this can be useful for the database. Women's hockey is coming as I have time to work on it (also NCAA DI) and ACHA D1 hockey as I can research it.

Primary Logo 1988-Present (used on home jerseys)


Primary Logo 2 1988-Present (used on away jerseys)


(both logos were actually designed by Coach Rick Gotkin)

Secondary Logo 2005-2010 (used on home jerseys and third jersey)


Secondary Logo 2 2005-2010 (used on away jerseys)


Secondary Logo 2010-Present (used on home and away jerseys)


Primary Logo 1986-88


Official College Athletics Logo (no, the colors don't match. The school set the official colors to Forest Green, White, and Navy Blue, the hockey team refused to conform and still uses Kelly Green and Royal Blue).


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Interesting, never knew they were D1.

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