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Arkansas Travelers Minor Leauge Baseball Concept


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Growing up a half hour from Little Rock the Arkansas Travelers where the only baseball team I saw play (frequently) as a kid. The franchise itself has a rich history and is one of the oldest in the minor leagues. This begs the question...what is going on with that logo!


Hailed as the "worst logo on dirt" It is confusing, out dated and just plan bad. And with the Northwest Arkansas Naturals coming onto the scene with their (not necessarily good but..) better logo it is time for an update.

I had a hat as a kid and I wish I could find it and get a better photo because the hat logo looks better embroidered.


I really liked the hat as a kid so that may have created a bias but I think that there is potential in this logo. It has that minor league quark to it. That is why I am using it as a starting point for a new concept. I plan to do a whole set but this is what I have so far. C&C please and thank you.


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It's an improvement for sure. It looks like the dark blue stoke may be too thick. It's especially noticable in the detailed areas like the horse's face and the jockey's hand/face. Other than that, it's awesome.

Also the "s" on travelers doesn't read as an "s". It looks like some kind of an "o" or something.


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