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Nike Basketball Template


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Browsing the Team Nike PDF catalogs online, I eyed a sweet vector template and decided to extract it and make it customizable. The template was originally for an SOD uni, so I made the shorts shorter to better mock a traditional bball uni. I've fixed small errors Nike made with curves and stuff and of course I've added objects to color the uni, complete with pieces to color the shadowed parts of the uni as well as the drawstrings. I think I'll add a couple different necktypes to the final AI document and maybe also add some mesh swatches and nike, adidas, etc. logos. Any suggestions about what I've done thusfar or what I should do to finish it will be greatly appreciated. Anywho, here she is so far:


Thoughts? C&C?

An aside: The link for the vector bball template in the TEMPLATES thread is a broken link...

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