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Eastside Hockey Manager Project...


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who here has heard of eastside hockey manager?

for some reason, i'm weird... whenever i play EHM, i get really into it, and then all the sudden, something in the REAL NHL happens, and it crushes my interest.

years ago, it was jamie langenbrunner captaining my EHM Stars to the 2010 stanley cup, when the stars decided to trade jamie to the devils...most recently, it's been junior lessard's absense from my roster file, and the impossible to predict new NHL CBA rules.

so... i got an idea. i LOVE hockey, more than i love the NHL... so i thought that maybe i should just make an addon for this game, that replaces all the NHL teams with fake teams, full of fake players.

something along the lines of a National Hockey Association, or the North American Hockey Association... with randomized players for the rosters, and fake teams with my own logo designs. it'd probably take forever, and i can't promise that i'd ever finish it... but it seems like a lot of fun to me...

i don't want to ask anyone to do this FOR me, but if you've got an NHL quality logo, that you'd be interested in letting me use for this project, let me know. i'll give FULL credit, and it would really make my job easier. i plan to do the bulk of these myself, but as i said, every little bit helps, if you're interested at all.

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Feel free to grab any of teams, Brutha Moose. ;)

i was hoping you'd say that, cherny :)

your edmonton kodiaks are as good as IN... what else ya got? i'm trying to stay away from DMSL/DMFHL things, so sadly the deals are a no-go, even though they're outstandingly well done.

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