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Tim Thomas Bear helmet concept


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I kind of want to design a mask with Tim Thomas Bear logo but with a little twist,....

Here is the bear I drew, the angles are terrible as Im just learning illustrator and the pen tool is a B. So the lines arent smooth.. So please cut me some slack there...

But originally I wanted to use this bear and give it some Native American Flare (feathers and face paint like the blackhawks logo) on a mask.

The colors I wanted to use are Silver, Black, Gold, red (eyes/tongue) and the helmet to stay mostly white...

No idea how to pull it off tho.... Any ideas ? (scroll down for more)


The helmet wont actually look like this Its just a rough idea of placement.. But I do want some feathers coming down the cheeks to the chin... I just hit a wall as to how to implement them without making them look outta place..

When I put feathers there it looks like he is barfing feathers.... when I try to put a headdress on him, it starts to look like a lion...

I need to sit on it for a bit and hopefully got some ideas from you guys..


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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