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Feedback needed on personal logo


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I went to a portfolio review for current students in graphic design programs. I was asked by one of the professional designers if I had my own logo and I said I didn't, and I've also seen many members around here do the same.

Like most personal logos, I'm trying to combine my initials of G and W. Living in Buffalo, NY most of the architecture and design styles, especially downtown, is art deco. And me personally, I am very traditional minded and feel I should have lived in a past generation rather than the current. So I tried using art deco inspired letters as my logo and these were my first attempts.

So I tried, and would like some feedback from some fresh eyes.

I personally prefer the first version with the W further right, but I tried both.



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Thanks. I just feel like the first one reads as GW easier.

I wanna try to add more depth and make it pop more, but right now I'm trying to find a starting point to build on.

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