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Conceptual question regarding Inkscape


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EDIT- Nevermind, I spent the last couple hours messing around and found a more practical way. Feel free to delete.

Hey everyone. This isn't a concept exactly, but I didn't see a place to put questions related to concepts. I figured I'd get a quick response here. I'm more of an experienced Photoshop user but no longer have the program. I have since begun using Inkscape which I love thus far. I'm still kind of new to it though. My main question is in regards to taking a striping pattern and fitting it within the parameters of the jersey template. How do I do that without it overlaying outside the template? Is it a clipping method? Or do you all draw your own shapes for the most part? I'm fairly new to this, but want to have the ability to make my own striping patterns and have some creative liberties.

This is what I mean:


I'm in the middle of a project, so I made all the colors neutral so y'all wouldn't really be able to tell what's up! :grin:

Thanks for any and all assistance!

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