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Winter Classic: NYC


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Ok, since nobody else is going to say it, I will.

You really need to polish this up an awful lot. I've worked with paint too, so I know that a lot better can be done than this. The lines are all incredibly jagged...except for the text you used at the bottom. Find another version of the Winter Classic text to use and copy that out, or draw an outline along the edges to smooth it out.

The Yankee Stadium thing has been done before, and now Yankee Stadium hosts a New Years Day football bowl game, so that probably wouldn't happen anyways. Aside from the Empire State Building, you've picked a very generic New York skyline.

The jerseys aren't bad choices, but look at the Rangers' past. Have they ever put a patch there? Do they ever put patches on the chest? No, they go on the shoulders because the RANGERS text gets in the way. The Devils is better done, and a good choice because they've used the red version sparingly and it would be a great excuse to use that one.

In short, put more time into making this concept LOOK good, and you'll get some responses. This board is much more apt to not say anything about a concept they don't like rather than talk bad about it. You've got the right ideas, but the execution needs work.

I'd recommend, on top of the above, looking into Citi Field or Giants Stadium imagery instead of Yankee, and finding a more iconic version of the skyline to use. Adding some darker outlines to the whole thing wouldn't hurt either because currently it blends into the Devils jersey. The jerseys are solid, though the RANGERS text could use a once-over as well.

Keep at it, I hope you find this to be constructive. I'm definitely looking forward to an update.

Forgot one thing, the Devils' collar needs changed, it's black and white, like the current one. it should be green-red-green instead

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