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Team Shocker


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Hi there, long time lurker, but this is my first time posting much, but I love the site!

I graduated just over a year ago now from High school, and whilst there for my 4 years, I was a part of ski team. GS and Slalom. The dozen or so of us on the team including the coach became really close and our race team did extremely well winning the championship in our district 3 of the 4 years I was there for mens racing and 2 of the 4 for womens. The snowboard race team at our school also did very good. The funny thing is, none of us were on the team to actually race, we all just loved to ski and racing for an hour a day, meant we had the rest of the day afterwards to ski Whistler/Blackcomb for 6 or so hours. Anyways, to get to the point - we eventually (jokingly) nicknamed our team, "Team Shocker", as it was a joke in all of our photos to display the "shocker" hand gesture. If you're not sure what I'm talking about you may want to urban dictionary it. From there I ran with the idea and decided to make our team a logo for all of us to put on hoodies and t-shirts. I had no sort of training in graphic design and was confined to only using MS Paint, so I knew a good idea was crucial. Without wanting to use the hand gesture as a logo, I decided to use something regarding electricity and decided on the warning symbol of a man getting electrocuted. To make it our own I decided to surround the man with the circle we have within our school logo (posted below), and for colours I decided to use a pattern. The pattern is that of a bright green bandana, something that has a lot of meaning with our team as back in the day, one was given to whomever came first on the team that day. I know its not the best for a logo and probably should be outlined in some colour (black/white?) but I lack the resources to do so as well as I'd like, and the pattern shows up well on the black hoodies we ordered anyways, although we have a logo in flat green. I also made a secondary word mark of a intertwined TS and am considering adding a lightning bolt to the bottom of the T, although I like how it currently works, and think it would work well on the back of a hat or something. I don't have any sort of program to continue work on these (if someone could mention something free and adequate for a Mac, I'd be grateful) but C&C is very welcome. It's been ages since I've worked on these but I'm proud of my work from a few years ago with what I had. Thanks.

School logo from which I took the circle:






Edit: I tried posting the photos directly, but I'm getting error messages saying the image extentions are not accepted. Any Help? :(

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i think the school logo is much more bad ass than the concept. just use that!

as for the concept, its cool, there's a lot going on with the pattern but i think it works. I would think the secondary should tie into it much better though, at least use the same font.

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