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Whether you love them or hate them, the new "one-time" Maryland Uniforms are being talked about throughout the sports world. On these forums, we have a 20 page thread dedicated to the Terps state flag uniform. While most people tend to like some aspects of the uniform, generally speaking, they seem to be garnishing terrible reviews. But that is the main thing, people are talking about them and reviewing them. Which in turn give Maryland football much needed attention.

Think about it this way, who is Maryland in football? They are not known in the ACC like Miami, Florida State, or Virginia Tech in football. While their basketball team is clearly the number one sport on campus, the Terps and Edsell realized that the school needed to get their name out there and they accomplished that in week 1 by wearing the state flag of Maryland as their uniform against the Miami Hurricanes. It was this type of commitment whether good or bad that has gotten the radio hosts of ESPN to ask their interviewee's whether they like Maryland's New uniform. It is this type of publicity that a smaller school in the ACC in football needs in this day and age. Heck, look at Oregon 17-18 years ago, they were nothing in the PAC-10, but since Nike used they as a platform in uniform design, they school is consistently ranked in the top 20 now. Therefore, here is a list of articles talking about the Maryland uniforms.

Outside the Beltway

Huffington Post

Washington Post

SB Nation via CNN

Larry Brown Sports

Diamond Back Online

Uniforms Create Buzz on Twitter

Bleacher Report

CSN Baltimore

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