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Best Minor League Park


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Out of those four, Fox Cities is by far the best. But then, it's also the newest. You get a nice view of the highway past right field and the seats aren't too bad either. It actually feels like a major league park, but on a small scale. I haven't been there for a few years, but I wouldn't be surprised if they all remembered the annoying "urban" kid in the Snappers hat.

Fox Cities, theirs a good place to see a game. My family and I always try to make a trek out there once a year. The place is everything you would want i guess in a minor league park. Such a great atmosphere when your there too, it has that great community feel (even if you dont live there!). Plus theirs a Fazoli's near by which is nice to stop before a night game. I've yet to check out a Snappers game. Mabye this summer, who knows...

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