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Best Minor League Park


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CanWest Global Park in Winnipeg is great... beautiful design, great atmosphere, awesome location (right at The Forks... where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet, not some cheap buffet restaurant).

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It's always been my understanding that Franklin Covey Field in Salt Lake City was the biggest Minor League ballpark.  It's resembles a lot of characteristics of Coors Field even though it was built before hand.

Franklin Covey Field

That is pretty nice.

I've been to Pohlman Field (Beloit Snappers), Goodland Field (Appleton Foxes), Warner Park (Madison Blackwolf) and Fox Cities Stadium (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers).

Out of those four, Fox Cities is by far the best. But then, it's also the newest. You get a nice view of the highway past right field and the seats aren't too bad either. It actually feels like a major league park, but on a small scale. I haven't been there for a few years, but I wouldn't be surprised if they all remembered the annoying "urban" kid in the Snappers hat.

Pohlman Field and Warner Park are just run of the mill... not too good, but not too bad. Still decent places to watch minor league ball though. Pohlman's been renovated since I was last there, so it might be better now than I remember it.

Warner Park is kind of disapointing though. Partially because you'd think Madison could support a AAA team, but their park only holds 3,000 people. In fact, single A (Muskies) and the Independents (Blackwolf) have both since outgrown it and now it's home to a college wood-bat team.

Goodland Field was a dump, it felt like a glorified high school field (in fact, the high schools use it now). In fact, it was so much like a dump that I didn't realize how sh***y County Stadium was until we got Miller Park. But if nothing else I'll remember it as the first place I saw Alex Rodriguez back in 1994. The Foxes moved into Fox Cities Stadium the following year and not a moment too soon.

I haven't been to Oldsmobile Park in Lansing, but I hear it's real nice. Maybe once they open up the Milwaukee-Michigan Ferry I'll check it out.

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I know this may not count as a minor league park, but Camden, NJ's Campbell Field is a wonderful place to visit, especially for a night game. You take the PATCO line to City Hall Station (now open 24/7) and walk to the park.

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The Texas League has a lot of nice parks. Cohen Stadium, located in my hometown of El Paso, was the first of the new Texas League parks to be built (it was constructed in 1990). It has a real Southwestern feel to it, and is right in the desert, with mountains overlooking it. The structure is pure adobe.

The park here in San Antonio, Wolff Stadium, pays homage to the Spanish missions that adorn the city. This is obvious with the architecture, and is another attractive park.

New parks in Round Rock and Midland are beautiful as well. I especially like Round Rock's approach- building a minor league park that can almost double as a Major League one.

The nicest Texas League park, however, as well as possibly the nicest park in the country, has to go to Frisco's Dr. Pepper Park. This is awesome. It pays homage to the area's equestrial past with a concourse resembling those of the best horse racing parks in the world. For those of you who haven't seen it:




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Oldsmobile Park is swass....i really loved Ned Skeldon Stadium in Toledo, Fifth Third in Toledo is nice, as is Fifth Third in Comstock Park (near Grand Rapids), but i'm not sure about the Fifth Third in Dayton.

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How many Fifth Thirds they got, anyway? :D

I've been to Yale Field, and I wasn't impressed. Sure, it had charm and all, but it was old. Yale Field is why the Ravens skipped town.

Of course, I've been to many more games at New Britain Stadium (Rock Cats), so I guess I'm a little spoiled.

I've heard Harbor Yard in Bridgeport is nice, but I've never seen a game there.

I hope to get to Pawtucket to see McCoy Stadium, maybe I'll do that this summer when I go on vacation.

(Oh, by the way, I'm back from the T.O. Details in my other thread coming.)

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I may sound narrow minded, but Frontier Field in Rochester is VERY nice place to see a ballgame. Good food, good team, good music.... now if only the Rhinos soccer team could move out...

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