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  1. and let us never speak of them again.
  2. A few stadiums set up for Supercross: Angel Stadium Lucas Oil Stadium
  3. I believe its a big tube slide for kids at their winter fanfest thing.
  4. Surprised the elvis-cat isn't swinging the mic stand off his back foot, like a baseball bat.
  5. I really don't care if they stay in Tampa Bay or not. Hell, I'd prefer they move out of the AL East, since the Rays are always the thorn in the Jays side despite a fraction of the payroll. They're just annoyingly good. But damn, just think of how cool this stadium could have been. It would have been the most unique looking stadium in the league:
  6. These are gorgeous. I put them right up on par with the Texans and Bills as excellent examples of a simple, classic feel with modern touches. The black facemask doesn't bother me at all. Bravo, Vikes.
  7. So far, so good, Vikes. Don't let us down.
  8. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab, diehard (and very knowledgable) Mariners Fan.
  9. Great thread! A few more I can think of (NHRA, not NASCAR): Jerry Toliver's assortment of WWF schemes from the early 2000s: The Rock The Undertaker \ Stone Cold and the XFL
  10. Any chance I could get that template from you so I can use for my fantasy football league? The template you used for the team logos in ur baseball league. Completely understand if your answer is no.

  11. If/when Toronto gets an NFL team, it would not be in the SkyDome regardless of them putting in grass. It's too small for the NFL's standards to house a team permanently. That being said: bring on the sod. I'd love for Rogers to sink some money into the dome and make it more baseball friendly. In a perfect world: 1) Add Grass with a real dirt infield 2) Change the angle of all the seats past the bases down the lines, angling toward home plate. 3) Demolish the hotel and add some giant glass panels, like Houston, Milwaukee, Miami. This lets in some natural light when the lid is closed and could offer spectacular views of downtown. 4) Add a Jays Museum with some statues around the exterior concourse: Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar and Dave Stieb
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but what is it that makes the Edward Jones Dome so terrible? It's not even 20 years old.
  13. Have you tried adding a stroke to an object, then 'expanding' (object > expand) to turn the stroke into an editable object?
  14. What I noticed on that new Cisco Field rendering is the 302 distance down the left field line. Guess that's one way to boost an anemic offense.
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