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  1. Found this beauty, a pipe smoking hockey player. Looking to see an update ...
  2. I do think the 'Hawks logo is untouchable, but this may be the best update I have seen before. Great job! I do enjoy the middle logo the most but I would like to see more yellow seems through the hair. OH NO! I think I just found Johnny Damon on Halloween in an indian costume.
  3. I love it! I will admit(not sure if this is a positive or negative comment yet) I find myself wanting to see more of the head (around the other side of the head a bit). Not sure if it would take away from the logo or not if the bear was facing out towards me a little more. Great Job though!
  4. Incredible! I must commend you for going all out on this one. The fact that you mixed your own colours and hand painted this is insane. I dare you to make an MLB one;)
  5. 1. 11 2. 5 3. 12 Nice work everyone!
  6. i love your stuff and website is great! any chances of rolling out a marty brodeur?! i have a buddy that has made me one with marty on it for 7 years but i must admit you work tops his. sorry Teej if you read this, lol.
  7. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    ya you are right, 3 colours makes much more sense while looking at them now.
  8. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    Yes i think that adding white would be no problem at all, i dont think that they have a problem with black either. Im pretty sure that most of our jersey sets have a black jersey. Ill try to develop a bird head logo, and one with an A and the Head in one.
  9. chris86saw

    Auks Logo

    Recently while not studying for exams i noticed how terrible our school sports logo looks. I approached the sports coordinator at our school and he was open to the possibility of an overhaul. the colours should stay the same, forest/dark green and yellow/gold. an auk is an extinct type of penguin. i know, terrible. anyways C&C is needed and welcome. The logo isn't nearly polished enough to submit as a final (lettering is still week in some parts) but all in all i'm pleased. it just needs some tweeks. my concept: Auk Logo
  10. I love that logo, i might even prefer that to the winnipeg jets logo as the best to come from that fine province.
  11. didnt they move away from that style a few decades ago, im sure there was a good reason, hmm...
  12. I will toss in the Phoenix Coyotes current colours as a top 3.
  13. i wish that the mascots in costume were to the same proportions as they are in the cartoon graphic at the top of this board, i wanna see a huge sasquatch, and a small little orca girl.