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Not a sports logo...


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While I know that this is my first post, I have been lurking here for several months. I finally got around to registering, and hope to start contributing to some new logo concepts soon.

In the meantime, any feedback on the following logo would be greatly appreciated.

It is for a car show/Ford Focus enthusiast group gathering to be held in the midwest in Sept. or Oct. of this year. I am not getting paid for this project, but I will probably be able to get a shirt or something out of it, and at this point, the satisfaction of knowing that my design might be used in a fairly large arena is payment enough.

This logo will probably be used for web/print and probably for shirts and other wearable products.

Any input (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm in the same boat you are. I've been lurking here for awhile, but thought I'd go ahead and start posting. I really like this design as a T-shirt design.(large on the front) Its got a nice retro (but not too retro) feel to it. Put that on a yellow shirt and tell me where I can get one! As far as it as a logo, I like most of the elements: (the car, the leaves, the typeface) but perhaps put them together differently for a logo. Not so vertical. But anyway, good luck with it! I know how it is trying to get your work out there anyway you can, be it for free or a free shirt or small amount of money.

And while I'm here I'll introduce myself to the community. I just recently graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Unlike many of my classmates, I was lucky enough to get a job at an agency right out of college. As long as I can remember I was designing logos and uniforms for teams, both fictional and not. I didn't know there were this many people out there that enjoyed it as well. Hopefully soon I'll add some of my work on here. I have a few logos that I've done for both my former college and my former high school. I'll work up some uniforms and see what you guys think.

for now, Peace.

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i'm also kinda new here, tho i already entered 3 logolympiad events (no vote's yet :evil: )

i like this design very much. it's great for t-shirts and hats/backpacks. i don't know if it would suit a banner or some ads tho. very nice first post keep it up




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