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NBA Conference Finals


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As a Wolves fan, I hope it goes 6. I think the Lakers could sweep or win in five. If Sam Cassell were healthy, I'd say Lakers in 6 or 7, but the Wolves have no point guard--at PG in game 7 they played an ailing Sam and KG, leaving the backup, Derrick Martin on the bench. Playing every-other day, I don't see Cassell recovering.

KG should be good enough to will one win. He does not want to get swept. But for Minnesota to give the Lakers even a scare, Sprewell will have to have some huge games and Hoiberg will need to knock down some threes. I don't think the Mailman will give KG as many problems as he did Duncan, because KG is more mobile. But here is the position breakdown from me:

PG: If Cassell were healthy, I'd give him the edge. He has been so clutch and such a bulldog, but with his health issues, you gotta give the edge to Payton. Plus Derrick Martin pales in comparison to Derrick Fisher off the bench.

SG: Kobe vs. Trenton Hassell. Hassell will provide better D on Kobe than some may expect, but this is obviously a huge edge.

PF: Give the edge to KG. He is the MVP and deservedly so. The mailman is gonna give him some bruises, but KG's energy will be too much.

SF: Spree has been inconsistant, but I'll give him the edge over Augsburg' Devan George. SPree will have a couple great games and a couple of bad games.

C: Ha Ha Ha Ha. You can let the wolves play eight guys at once--the four afformentioned players along with Trent, Madsen, Olawakandi and Johnson all on Shaq and it is still no contest. Those guys along with Oliver Miller can only hope to...well nothing really. This is why the Wolves have very little chance. Shaq does not have anyone to worry about...even Nesterovic is better than this five-headed monster. Olawakandi did not see the floor in game 7. He has no heart and he just stinks.

I think KG will carry them to a victory. Lakers in 5.

I will go with Tank's prediction of Pacers in 7.

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



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