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Chris: Some logos you maybe can use


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I quickly scanned some of my unusual AL Central logos. Chris, you may or may not have these on your website. I do not have a good graphics program, and if I did, I wouldn't have a clue how to use it well. In other words, perhaps you or someone else can manipulate the logos into a workable form.


What is here?

Chicago White Sox: 2000 AL Central champions logo

Cleveland Indians: Jacobs Field logo; 1997 AL Champions logo

Detroit Tigers: Comerica Park logo; Comerica Park inaugural season logo (2000); 2001 Centennial Celebration logos (2)

KC Royals: Team's 25th anniversary logo (1993); Kauffman Stadium 25th Anniversary logo (199?)

Minnesota Twins: 1991 World Champions logo

I have other such logos from the other MLB divisions, and I'll post em from time to time.

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