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Hockey Concepts (NHL, AHL, etc.)


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I'm not the greatest designer in the world, but I love marketing and logos, so I thought I'd try re-designing some hockey uniforms. I'll start off with a few NHL teams, and then I might move into the AHL and other leagues.

First off, here's the Dallas Stars. I actually like their current jerseys, but they really need to emphasize green and gold instead of black. I've created two traditional style jerseys for home and away games, with a more modern alternate based on their current set.







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gold will blend with white and green at distance, so it needs to be bordered by black. black will do best when bordered by gold or white. At a distance, your stripes will definitely be a bit muddled, and your third jersey is incredibly dark.

Rearranging things will make a huge difference for this concept, which is pretty good. Also, adding sleeve numbers will go a long way for the presentation, ditto pants/helmets/socks. Black pants/helmets would really pop with these, but green pants might not. Work this one through before you post others

I'll respect any opinion that you can defend.

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Thanks for posting, hockey week. I've taken your advice and added some black in the stripes to help differentiate the colours. However I'm not really looking to create a whole brand identity, mostly just jersey designs. Anyways, I also modified the black jersey a little... here's the new concept:


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