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Potentially easy sports trivia


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This is on NHL.com-

"Putting the Cup before the horse -- Danny Grant and Tony Esposito own rare distinctions. Both players won the Stanley Cup prior to winning the Calder Trophy as the NHL's top rookie. Grant won a Cup in 1968 with the Montreal Canadiens and then in 1969 he won the Calder as a member of the Minnesota North Stars. Esposito won the Cup with Montreal in '69 and his Rookie of the Year trophy in 1970 when he backstopped the Chicago Blackhawks."

However there is a third player who accomplished this after Tony O did it...

So who is that player?

Bonus--what else did he accomplish in the playoffs that no other Calder winner did BEFORE winning the Calder?

Hint: all 3 players have something very obvious in common...(besides being NHL players)

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As I said potentially easy...

that was quick--I was just editting the post for typos and there was the correct answer--

But then as a Habs fan...

All 3 won the Cup with Montreal.

And nobody has ever won the Conn Smythe then the Calder Trophy--except Dryden...

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