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  1. You have your eyes & I have mine. I know many who do like that look.
  2. When the NHL expanded in 1967 they kept the "Original Six" teams in one division (East) and the expansion teams in the other (West) So Philadelphia & Pittsburgh were in the West Division along with California/Oakland, LA,St Louis & Minnesota then in 1970 when they added Vancouver & Buffalo both of them were placed in the East Division (Yes Vancouver--on the West Coast was in the East Division, even stranger than Dallas being in the East Division) and Chicago was placed in the West Division with the 1967 Expansion teams.
  3. While I like the new ideas you have here overall, this one looks like the Bear is in some "B" shaped stocks, maybe for stealing some fish? I'm not sure what I'd change on it though that could change that-other than getting rid of the B, or having the whole bear in front of it
  4. I know it's the CFL up here in Canada, but the Calgary Stampeders & University of Calgary Dinosaurs share a stadium--and in fact the stadium is technically owned but he University. But each city & college could be (& probably would be a different scenario)
  5. If that's their best--I'd hate to see their worst. this uni is hard on my eyes--the ones with copper i liked , their third now is nice--these look tacky, the colours don't work & it hurts my eyes (& looks very dated at best) But maybe that's just my opinion.
  6. I do like most of these On the Canucks one did you try giving the Green stripe the same pattern as the green int he V? Just wondering what that would look like.
  7. I think some white would look good on the stripes & maybe outlining the numbers. Also I am not really sold on the logo, 1-it doesn't say "Flames" in any meaningful way--I'm not even sure those are flames. It's not obvious. I get what you're trying to do here & were trying to work in a "CF", but this doesn't work for me. 2-the logo kind of looks like this: Or someone swallowing a lobster claw. Nice attempt, and the overall look is good-but that logo needs work
  8. I like the idea, but the colours are way to similar to the Blue Bombers, even if they used a different shade of blue (Which they have changed at times over the years) Now if it was a dark purple & yellow--maybe.
  9. It doesn't say musical note to me at all. I am a musician & I do read music.
  10. I was thinking donkey--but I do like the rest of the look.
  11. Kind of scary for some fans--but I like messing with stuff like this for fun
  12. I don't like piping on hockey & football uniforms, but I don't know about making a rule against it. I think the main one I would want--for all sports is that no two two teams can have the same uniform template as far as stripes, etc. They could be similar or have overlap--but no two exactly the same--so if you see the unit in black & white but can't see the logo or number font (& number font would be included as same template) you know which team it is
  13. I think it looks like pyjamas when they do that--and when the jersey also matches but the helmet doesn't? It's hard to look at But I don't know that I'd make a rule of it--but it should be discouraged
  14. The thing I don't like is piping, except on baseball uniforms on hockey & football especially it usually looks real bad. What I do like? When teams try something different that isn't dated or a horrible colour clash.
  15. I remember one summer I was in White Rock & later I watched some old episodes os Psych--and I recognized some buildings near the beach and few other places. Arrow often has night shots in the alleys--maybe even the same alley in the video.
  16. I love that look, I wish they would do something along those lines again.
  17. Agreed--they look like pyjamas. As for the game--I think the TiCats will win, but will be cheering for the Bombers who have gone longer without winning. But I won't be surprised by whichever team wins--although I might be surprised by who they win or what happens in the game I am mostly hoping for a close ex citing game that goes down to the wire.
  18. Except I don't like wearing black caps.
  19. Well one of the two longest Grey Cup droughts will end next week. Kind of hoping the Bombers win, but I also kind of expect the TiCats to win. But hopefully they don't go with he pyjama look. I do think the Bombers have one of the best looks in the CFL (& beyond) Still neither team winning would surprise me. This could easily go either way, but if one team messes up it could be a lopsided game. So here's hoping for a close one down to the wire. (kind of like the Western final today--how many chances did the Riders blow?
  20. Quite likely As much as Victoria & the Okanagan get mentioned they don't really have the population base. And adding a team in Saskatoon --while they may be able to support two teams, it would have ramifications for the Riders who draw from across the province. Plus a team in Halifax (Or anywhere in the Maritimes) would balance out 5 & 5 for the divisions. Some marketing ideas have helped, but mostly keep it affordable, even if only in some sections of the stadium, with some areas that are booze free for families, and promotions with the schools--those things do help & aren't the total response needed, but if they are continued & grown well--they will help even more.
  21. Some teams would be better off ignoring them...
  22. I really wish the Stamps' cap was red--there was no black in those days (& I don't like wearing black caps.) But if I were a Eskimo, Blue Bomber, Argonaut or Alouette fan, I'd be seriously considering getting the cap--especially the Bombers' one.