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  1. Wow--I absolutely love those new Stamps jerseys. The main thing that would stop me from buying one is that I don't like wearing polyester. But I am still considering it. If they released a cotton T-Shirt version I would get it quite quickly.
  2. This would have fit right in with the Roller Hockey league uniforms & logos I've seen.
  3. XFL? Some sort of resource sharing? Sure Some sort of co-marketing? Sure Some sort of brainstorming & sharing of ideas? Sure? Merging the leagues? no, just no.
  4. I don't see merger as being the answer--if anything a merger could be the end of the CFL. Now other ways of partnering together--as some have suggested? Some of those ideas could work. But not a full on merger.
  5. None of those things bug me. It might be better if they match--it might not be.
  6. More of a tweak than a redesign--but I do like the claw/paw But for the lion hard--I have to agree vtgco But cool that you gave it a shot--I'd like to see more.
  7. not really, lots of ways to do a horse mane. And even if you did make it look that way, it would still be way better than what they did.
  8. So I've decided to make some brief comments on each team. Even if it's been discussed quite a bit already (I did enjoy many of the comments made previously) Anaheim--one of the worst alt jerseys ever comes back why? And he's breaking through green ice? Arizona--if they wanted this design it would make more sense on the orange/sand colour--the purple is garish & too contrasting Boston-- I've always liked the Bruins in Yellow--and this one works as well, nice template to use. Buffalo--not bad, not great--but better than a lot of other things they could have done. the logo was a good choice. Calgary--See above--I do not like the bald flaming snot horse--mostly because bald horse makes no sense. And I was glad to dump the black with the primaries--oh well,at least we have that. Carolina--I like the Whalers' look, and this work as well--in some ways the grey/silver makes it stand out more. Chicago--we've seen similar looks and they're classic, and a black jersey makes sense given the team name. (Yes it is a name, not a colour, but still...) Colorado--I've never been a big fan of the Nordiques look--although the NHL look was better & more coherent than the WHA look-although I find it a bit boring--the Avs; colours though make it bit more interesting as they are less subdued. Columbus--tacky, confused, and so much they could have done to keep it clean. Dallas--perhaps it may be a bit boring or bland--but the Star jersey is one I do like. (Although I like their current look better) Detroit--I agree they look like practice jerseys--too bland--but on the other hand they didn't go overboard the other way. Edmonton--I want to vomit--the colours & look is so dated & tacky--I know some fans love the orange--but it gets overdone & awful--Too bad they didn't stick with the darker blue & copper look--I like that one--maybe do the original look with those colours? Florida--looks disjointed in how the colours match up--but they're okay LA-- I like these. I like the old purple (forum blue) and gold look--and it really works with that logo. Minnesota--Real nice. the old North Stars look before they added black is one of my favourite looks in the NHL. If these were green instead of white jerseys, I would be tempted to get one. (& I'm not a Wild fan) Montreal--seems a no brainer as other variations have been tried. It works. Nashville--one of my least favourite looks made worse by the colours. the striping, the combination of colours-none of it flows for me. New Jersey--makes sense, and there is something kind of catchy about that colour combo. NY Islanders--I don't mind them & I'm glad they didn't bring back the Fisherman logo--never liked it. Maybe could have done something else--but I'm good with it. NY Rangers-not bad--the originals were nice--and the imagery works for a hockey jersey, although the sleeves look a little barren. Ottawa--here simple works-the red works & makes the logo pop. Philadelphia--makes sense for what they're doing--the black really fits instead of white. Pittsburgh-- disappointing to just use a word mark like that-when they had so many ways they could have gone--I'm okay with no Robo Penguin--but a blue colour scheme would have worked nicely. Sharks--okay--a bit different, a bit not. St. Louis--why? why the red? my least favourite look for them--and then add more red? It takes no sense other than someone likes red (Which is a good colour for hockey jerseys--just to this one. Tampa Bay-okay, I guess--doesn't wow me or repulse me. Toronto--Kind of fun in a way--to have a large logo. a bit of a mishmash--but it's the Leafs--it works. Vancouver--nice overall--I know many don't like the gradient and it can be overdone. the blue & green make this work. Vegas--I like this better than what they have been using. Not sure why--but the colours & shapes flow & it works. Washington-they've already done retro & updated retro--so going to this design is nice--and the red works as well. Winnipeg--I'm a bit perplexed at the colour choices--especially the grey--the blue in the logo would have been nice for the jersey. Maybe some of that will change when I see them in action, maybe not. But some games I'd like to see the would be Minnesota vs Boston or Ottawa vs LA (Although that isn't a likely match up this season.) I guess we'll see.
  9. If they use those division names then the Flames, Oilers, Canucks & Jets should be in the Smythe. So not the Patrick, but the Smythe.
  10. I'm not a fan of text like that on a hockey jersey--but overall I like the look. Just doesn't need the "CANADA" on it. the rest says "Canada"
  11. Well, it could have been better, could have been worse--now we'll see who well they do with the logos.
  12. I've always liked the Argos boat logo--and this new version is better than the previous ones. I like the flow of it--and the colouring is well done--and as mentioned--the waves/sleeves I'm looking forward to seeing this in action
  13. That was the name of our floor hockey team one year in high school. the teacher's abbreviated it as CCs. yet another team didn't get to use their acronym--which spelled an obscenity.
  14. I'm not happy with it--too much black. And that logo is horrendous--it's a bald horse --so much could redone with a flaming mane if you want a horse. But on the other hand we have the original style as the primaries--so good news that way.
  15. I was referring to other teams & random names--so call the Polar Bear Phil or Gus or Dave.
  16. I don't know--those Washington alts uni look like baby onesies. Not feeling it. the others, sure.
  17. Looks good to me. Although in a way I would have liked to have seen the West play in TO & the East in Edmonton so no team is on their home ice
  18. Like I said--I'm not an Eskimo fan--as a CFL fan could tell by my username, the Eskimos would be my least favourite team. But they have done better than many other teams. Of course there is a debate about what is or isn't needed--and it is not my intent to get into that discussion here. but they have reached out & asked questions, they have looked into it & have reacted based on that process. I have no problem if they use a polar bear mascot, if someone wants to object to the name--that's a different ball of wax. After all the Stampeders (Who had the first mascot) use a dog named Ralph and the Roughriders use a gopher (Gainer) Neither has anything to do with the team name.
  19. They have, that's why they are changing the name.
  20. But to my point--they never made a big deal about it. Som of the teams that have faced criticism for racist logos, mascots, etc--played it up. On the other hand Nanook means polar bear--so in a sense the mascot is Polar Bear the Polar Bear. It was never used in a derogatory manner.
  21. While a part of me likes the return to green for Jersey, the current clouds are better, less garish & less hard on the eyes. Still nice work with that--but the alt is too Flyer-eque. I see that without the logo & I think--Flyers. The others without the log I still think New Jersey.
  22. Kraken was hardly my preference among the names they apparently made sure they owned websites for--but it was far from he worst (Emerald? really) It would have bene in the top third of names. So I'm okay with it--it has potential. Like most here I really like the primary logo & colours & uni. I lek the negative space tentacle int he S--very nice. If the shorts were one of the lighter colours that could work as well. The secondary logo I question other than a way to incorporate the Space Needle into a logo.
  23. Not an Edmonton fan, but to give them their due--they never mad e a big deal of any sort of Inuit or other imagery--they used a polar bear as a mascot at times, so that's in their favour. That said I'd like to see an E name so that can keep the double E logo (But I'd be okay with an adjustment to the colours) Although Empire seems arrogant, and would be fodder for toehr teams fans when they lose.
  24. Nice job on the Wild--some different styles to it, but they work.
  25. Good job overall, but the blue collar on the 2nd jersey sticks out too much for my taste--did you try a red one? And to avoid any confusion with TO & TB I'd add a bit of red to the alt-but others--cool work.
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