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Tequila Rebrand

Fifty8_Black O

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First off I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the concept forum so if it needs to be elsewhere I apologize.

I wanted to rebrand a tequila company called Extraordinario Brands. It's based out of my hometown and I had never tried anything like this so I wanted to see how I did.

This is their current logo:


It seemed outdated to me and almost a little tacky.

I wanted to build a brand built around 3 parts:

1) The colors. As much as they bothered me in the original log I felt that with the right balance these 3 colors (teal, lime and black) could really pop. This is what I hoped to achieve in the new logo.

2) The brand typeface. I originally tried a few custom typefaces but the whole time I had the Habana type (which I'm sure many of you will recognize from Lost Type) as a place holder and every time I changed it I liked the Habana over the alternative. I think it works well for a tequila brand.

3) The X. The original logo was built around the letter X and I really felt like that could be a strength of the brand. My hope would be that it could easily stand alone and still be recognized as part of the Extraordinario brand family.

So without further ado here's my proposal:


(sorry for the massive picture size I don't know how to fix that)

Like I said I've never attempted anything like this before and I am in the very amateurish stages of graphic design but my hope is that I can get this proposal to a point where I would feel comfortable presenting it to the company. C&C would be greatly appreciated on the logo's as well as the concept in general and the presentation. So what do you guys think? Upgrade? Downgrade? Meh? Let me know! Thanks!

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Don't think the drop shadow behind the "X" is necessary. Also the dots in the "O's" are kind of distracting. All my attention is drawn to those, being a male I wonder why.

Actually I like the two X's at the bottom without the circle. Could you work off of those marks with a simplified X instead of the "circle-X" logo?

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