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Facebook Timeline Cover Images


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CCSLC members have always enjoyed making sigs, wallpapers and other concepts. Now a new concept medium has appeared -- the Facebook Timeline.

For those who want to make their own, they work best if they are the correct dimensions. Here is a template to help you out.


The green part is the actual Timeline Cover image, which measures 850x315 pixels. Part of it will be covered up by the Profile Picture, so you don't want to put anything important in that area.

I have seen some FB Timelines where the Cover Image and the Profile Picture have nothing to do with each other (like mine). I tend to change the Cover Image more frequently, to promote different happenings or moods. Sometimes but not as often I change the Profile.

I have seen others where the two images interact with each other. Some have a face in the Profile looking up at the Cover. Or something from the Cover can hang down into the Profile box. Some of them are quite amazing. It takes a little trial-and-error to get images aligned with each other, but you can do it.


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