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Hello I'm Saathoff.

I make freelance concepts purely for the heck of, since I'm diehard soccer supporter I thought I would do soccer concepts.

I'm randomly making jerseys in my free time

Seattle Sounders FC

Signs with Fly Emirates, and adds soccer specific stadium at Starfire Sports Complex.




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I had to switch to a different template, somehow my other one got corrupted mid flight a few weeks ago coming back home from Seattle.

I redrew a template based off my Seattle Sounders home kit

So now I bring you,

Sporting KC Home & Away

I added Sprint as it's sponsor, also both the home and away mirror each other, as common for MLS team designs. Not that I prefer that however.



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Oaklandhusker: The Needle would potential go on both digits. Kind of like how the current MLS logo goes on both digits

I don't think that would look as good as if it was only on one (right OR left). Just feels like it would be repetitive. Try mocking it up both ways, see how they look.

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Okay so this is the beginning of NASL series, I've always loved the NASL, so i decided in 2014 NASL is once again the top flight, with the MLS and NASL teams merging.

First is FC Dallas. Remaining in their normal striped kits with accented color stripes on either side.

Ignore the fact it says set of 3. I decided two was enough for Dallas.

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