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Hearnes Center


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Columbia, MO-

With much excitement, our own Columbia Wolves unveiled the scheme for their new field at the Hearnes Center...


Owner Anthony Katz was as happy as anyone else. "I'm as happy as anyone else," Katz said, "I love everything about it. The logo on the 25, the endzones, the yard-markers in the same font as the wordmark. Everything is flawless."

The AFA logo was used for reference on the fifteens. "That will be changed on the actual surface when the AFA2 logo is unveiled," said Ebert Roeper, head designer at NU Designs. NU Designs also created the team's logos and uniforms. Even St. Louis Greyhounds owner Yale Hollander seemed impressed by his minor league team's efforts. "I'll certainly have the best looking team in the AFA2. They even got the city right the first time. Let's just hope some of that success rubs off on the players for the upcoming season," Hollander said. This writer certainly likes what he sees. I wonder if NU Designs will paint my house...


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I really like the use of the team font for the yard numbers, but everything else is pretty 'meh' IMO. That said, 'meh' only means it's not great, not bad, just right there in the middle, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

Well done, vic.

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