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Valencia CF concept


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I did this concept for a contest several months ago, but the contest never took off. I've had this sitting around without C&C for some time, so I figured I'd just post it on its own.

Here's the primary, Valencia's traditional white, with a blue sash using the blue in the crest.


Here's the secondary. Valencia are called "the Oranges", and I used the burnt orange that's used for the ball in the crest.


Here's the third, based on the crest. It's not much different from what VCF usually wear for a third.


This is a keeper kit that I had a little fun with. I looked at the bat in the crest, and inspiration struck. I made a Batman-inspired keeper kit, moving the sponsor to the back to make room for an adapted and relocated bat. I made the name, sponsor, and number a dark grey so that it's still legible while not disrupting the "dark knight" look.


C&C welcome as always.

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I looked into their uniform history, and white has been what they wear at home. I'm not a valencia fan, and I'm not aware of all their traditions. With that in mind, I decided it would be best to stay true to what's been done in case a deviation from white would be totally unrealistic and outrageous. Thanks for the good comments though, I appreciate it.

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