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Carolina Panthers "Concepts"


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This is one of my first posts here - I'm a big Panthers fan but I always felt that their uniforms could be a little better and more unique. Since the team has always been very traditional with their look and willingness to change (especially with the silver helmets) all of these "concepts" are simply new combinations of the current jersey/pants. I would love to know your thoughts on them. The uniform order will be home/road/alternate:

CONCEPT A - silver pants: This is probably the most simple thing the Panthers could do to balance their uniform set and create continuity with their helmets, pants and socks. Out of every NFL team with a silver helmet, only the Panthers' white road uniform has pants that do not match. It's not the cleanest look, and it may require the team to darken their silver a bit, but it would have consistency.

Pros: Balanced, fits with rest of NFL, looks sleek

Cons: Amount of silver outweighs black and blue.


Concept B - monochrome

Normally I am not a fan of the monochrome look, but the blue in the Panthers uniform really breaks it up and makes it work. This look is very unique, unlike any other team in the league. It also reminds me of how basketball uniforms work, which could be a nod to the popularity of basketball in the Carolinas. This look creates more overall balance than the current home/road set, especially with the jersey and pants striping and socks. The alternate uniform is actually a homage to the original concept Panthers uniforms.

Pros: Unique, matches with brand better. Alternate is actually callout to original Panthers concept uniform.

Cons: All black in the heat could be difficult, silver helmet stands out.


Concept C - black pants -As mentioned in the previous concept, the blue jersey/black pants/silver helmet look is how the Panthers were initially meant to look. In this situation, this new home uniform creates a very unique look that will set the Panthers apart from the other teams with silver helmets like the Lions, Raiders, Patriots and Cowboys. This will be difficult in the Carolina heat, but the Panthers primary colors are black and blue with silver as an accent and this works it into the look a lot more prominently.

Pros: Looks unique, works black into the identity more, all-black alternate is cool.

Cons: Helmets look strange with dark pants, heat could be an issue.


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