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  1. Your templates and renderings are great. They practically look like photographs of helmets and jerseys. Nice job.
  2. So are they wearing the blue and yellow helmet with the all white (with navy and gold) uniforms, which would look mismatched, or is the NFL allowing them to wear 2 different helmets, which they don’t allow anyone else?
  3. Very nice. Although I'd like the homes better with white pants, to distinguish more from SF, and also the pewter/red/pewter just looks too dark from head to toe for my taste. I like your use of black and the number fonts.
  4. The opposite of everything you said is closer to the truth. The Chargers owner picked a site, downtown, that was the most strongly opposed location by both the public and politically. Possibly intentionally so that it would fail. And has repeatedly for years refused to discuss or negotiate with the city on just about everything. There is not an city in the country (except Green Bay) that would win a 67% general election vote in favor of raising taxes to keep a sports team. And "the next closest city" doesn't want even the Chargers. Polls in Los Angeles show they do not want the Chargers. The mayor of Los Angeles doesn't either, he has stated he hopes the Chargers stay in San Diego. When was the last time a team moved and the city didn't even want them? Back on topic...if they move the Los Angeles team should pick a new name.
  5. From what I've heard, San Diego sports fans hate LA. An analogy would be if the Eagles moved to NY, would Philly fans root for the NY Eagles because they are only 2 hrs away?
  6. Did the Rams use their 2nd and last retro uniform week in London or do they have another?
  7. Very good. I actually missed/forgot about the Rams. There is a 3rd team also.
  8. Of teams that appeared in more than one Super Bowl, who are the only 2 teams without at least one white and one colored jersey appearance?
  9. So great. Perfect shade of aqua, and just the right amount of orange. While the logo is a weak rendering, the uniforms are so superior to what they wear now.
  10. A teammate of mine on a flag football team, his jersey had an 8 sideways. Infinity sign.
  11. Let's not lump everyone together.I personally don't care for those solid brown jerseys (and definitely not the yellow pants either), however, the clean look of the original Padres uniforms with brown and yellow trim are very nice.Most people who like the navy and orange Padres uniforms from the 90's were too young to remember the brown ones. Once you've associated a team with a color, like the Padres with brown, it's difficult to see them in something else.
  12. Like this except for the script. The "P" trying to be a sail and weird unconnected "a" are simply poorly crafted (I know it's not you but rather their own bad script). I'd say refine the script and this would be an awesome look. I think the Brown and Gold contingent would settle for those in a second.
  13. The all-black helmet makes the gold logo pop so much more. From the waist up, they actually look good.
  14. I'm a Suns fan. The good news is... . 1-The team is likely going to suck for a few more years, so these uniforms will be linked to bad teams, and will hopefully inspire the team to switch uniforms again in a few years to rid themselves of this ugly era. . 2-The orange sleeved uniforms are so bad that they'll probably wear the purples the vast majority of the time on the road, which are by far the best of the 3. I was afraid they'd have an alt orange or alt black and transition that as the primary roads, since they seem to be on a mission to eliminate the beautiful and traditional purple color everywhere.