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  1. Pigskins would be the best new name, right?
  2. You missed Orange. It’s six different colors.
  3. I would sooner have 2020 and 2021 be cancelled than see ads on uniforms.
  4. I’m with you, the segmented horns are stupid. Why do they have to be cut into 2 pieces? It makes no sense and doesn’t make it look 3D if that is what they were attempting.
  5. Since they didn’t designate an alternate uniform, can’t the Rams just keep wearing their throwbacks as many times as the NFL will let them, once they realize that their fans hate this new pile of crap? They could top it off by slapping the classic ram horn decal on the shiny blue helmet (the only redeeming part of the new set).
  6. See, everybody was worried for no reason.
  7. Based on the logo and word mark, my guess is the uniforms will be similar to the classic royal and yellows, but with white numbers.
  8. Agreed. And this is water under the bridge, but those are not even throwbacks. The 49ers wore the white jerseys with black drop shadow a total of one time prior to 1994. (1955, one game). And even then it was paired with different sleeve stripes and a red helmet. Unless you want to say it was a throwback to the 1994 fauxback. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
  9. Stay strong NFL. Gold pants=classic. Or let the fans decide. Poll SF area fans, I bet it’s 80/20 in favor of gold pants.
  10. Your templates and renderings are great. They practically look like photographs of helmets and jerseys. Nice job.
  11. So are they wearing the blue and yellow helmet with the all white (with navy and gold) uniforms, which would look mismatched, or is the NFL allowing them to wear 2 different helmets, which they don’t allow anyone else?
  12. Very nice. Although I'd like the homes better with white pants, to distinguish more from SF, and also the pewter/red/pewter just looks too dark from head to toe for my taste. I like your use of black and the number fonts.
  13. The opposite of everything you said is closer to the truth. The Chargers owner picked a site, downtown, that was the most strongly opposed location by both the public and politically. Possibly intentionally so that it would fail. And has repeatedly for years refused to discuss or negotiate with the city on just about everything. There is not an city in the country (except Green Bay) that would win a 67% general election vote in favor of raising taxes to keep a sports team. And "the next closest city" doesn't want even the Chargers. Polls in Los Angeles show they do not want the Chargers. The mayor of Los Angeles doesn't either, he has stated he hopes the Chargers stay in San Diego. When was the last time a team moved and the city didn't even want them? Back on topic...if they move the Los Angeles team should pick a new name.
  14. From what I've heard, San Diego sports fans hate LA. An analogy would be if the Eagles moved to NY, would Philly fans root for the NY Eagles because they are only 2 hrs away?