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Hoover Clothing Co. - NIKE NPC Speed football uniform concepts


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Hi All,

This past winter, I launched an online apparel company that I thought would specialize in trendy tees & apparel, but my market has completely been dominated by athletic teams seeking apparel. I have a contact who is a Nike uniform dealer, and through him I'm able to order customized Nike uniforms or blanks (this is not an exclusive thing, as any coach in the country can do the same). My business differs in that I'm offering to build complete identities for athletic programs, including uniforms, and this fall I'm unveiling 3 prototypes to show off my stuff (I use a local screenprinter/embroiderer to finish & customize my apparel).

Here's one of my concepts, utilizing my company's brand image and logo. I'd love your feedback, so feel free to give it, good or bad. Thanks!






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I'm independent, but I have a Nike dealer. I'm not a fan of mixing brands, but right now Nike doesn't have a tone of blue in their gloves that works with my brand colors. They have Photo Blue and Blue Glow as colors in some product that match, but nothing in football yet; the UA Cam Highlight products just match up better, and I like their unorthodox design. I'm also doing two other prototypes based on my alma mater, and using strictly Nike gear to accent those, so using some UA gear on this display diversifies what I hope to eventually carry in a store, or what some athletes would undoubtedly wear on the field, since many are partial to UA.

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