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Petrobras Quidditch League


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Hi guys, my name is Lucas Carvalho, I'm 14 years old, live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I'm a fan of football and basketball, and I support for Flamengo in both modalities, but I'm learning to enjoy the other sports. Well, I have a website called "Elece Creative Project" (http://elececreative...logspot.com.br/) that I focus on sporty design. I'm starting a project that will possibly be the most laborious, I will make today a Brazilian championship Quidditch.


Chosen as the company to sponsor the tournament "Petrobras", which already sponsors our league football, and explored quite the Rio de Janeiro on the logo, with Cristo Redentor detail. The league will have 28 teams, and will be divided into two parts, the South-East League and National League. Below is a list of the names of the teams:

- South-East League:

São Paulo Warriors;

Rio de Janeiro Ravens;

Petrópolis Monarchs;

Belo Horizonte Defenders;

POA Farrapos;

Vitória Monsters;

Campinas Blue Falcons;

Pelotas Gold Guardians;

Niterói Mariners;

Uberlândia Albatrosses;

Florianópolis Dragons;

Santa Catarina Snow Patrollers;

Curitiba Phoenix;

Paraná Hurricanes.

- National League:

Salvador Saints;

Recife Cangaceiros;

Brasília Revolutionists;

Distrito Federal Patriots;

Rio Branco Ghosts;

Teresina Thestrals;

Belém do Pará Wolves;

Goiânia Hawks;

Manaus Typhoons;

Olinda Partiers;

Porto Velho Navigators;

Boa Vista Indios;

Guarani Fire Slugs;;

Porto Seguro Patronus;

Over time you'll updating of news, forgiveness for my horrible english, blame google.

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Love the fact that you added a team to Petrópolis. :notworthy:

Not really a fan of the nicknames for Rio and Brasília. Maybe have them as the Vultures and the Candangos, respectively.


...Totally forgot I had an account.


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The Rio de Janeiro Ravens is because of the team made ​​by fans of HP here in Rio de Janeiro of "Muggle Quidditch", and the the nickname of Brasilia I decided to embark on the wave of protests in Brazil.

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The Rio de Janeiro Ravens is because of the team made ​​by fans of HP here in Rio de Janeiro of "Muggle Quidditch", and the the nickname of Brasilia I decided to embark on the wave of protests in Brazil.

Wait, really? Our city has a Muggle Quidditch team?


...Totally forgot I had an account.


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Today at the Maracana stadium (properly secured with a spell anti-Muggles, who viewed with reforms being made on the field) were presented the emblems of the teams 14 teams that will participate in the South-East League, one of two divisions that form the Quidditch Petrobras League.

The representatives of the clubs seemed quite happy with the start of this new era in Quidditch Brazilian, who despite being a magical power by the united kingdom, needed to delve more into sports. But there were flowers only on presentation as the exalted Pedro Malfoy, president of the Sao Paulo Warriors, accused the president of RJ Ravens Olavo Piñero sending indirect for him, after stating that it was against the injection of money on unnecessary league teams.


Belo Horizonte Defenders (1 row, 1 team): Time of Minas Gerais, created in 1873 by field workers, who wanted to follow the path of British teams and compete in European competitions came early in its history, due to higher the rest of the south American teams. Although it was once a giant, today is just an average team. Their best player is Anderson Martins, who is one of the few players in the squad not born in the city, he has naturalness of Rio de Janeiro. Anderson led the team state title in 2007, last in team history.

Campinas Blue Falcons (1 row, 2 team): Newest team in the league, founded in 2005 by players rejected at Sao Paulo Warriors. Got the support from Campinas citizens, and was financed by a wizard that on the muggle world is the owner of a famous NFL franchise. Is the most well structured team on the league, wich means it is a real factory of youg talents, those in most of the time are sold for a high price to the European maket.

Florianópolis Dragons (first row, third team): Another very young team in the league and another team also come from a team muggle. It is a seat of Avai FC, a football club run by Wizards of the Brazilian Ministry of Magic infiltrates the magical world. Although widely acclaimed for their fans, never won anything.

Paraná Hurricanes (1 row, 4 staff): Time made by wizards soccer fans muggle who were sympathetic to Atlético-PR, and thanks to that, the Hurricanes Paraná is very similar to the football team. Both were created in the same year, and the Quidditch team has come to winning seven times. the national championship.

Petropolis Monarchs (1 row 5 team): Time's oldest league, was founded in 1832 by relatives of Emperor Dom Pedro II, and is also a well structured team, and quite famous for bringing athletes from the English League.

Pelotas Gold Guardians (first row, 6 team): Time created by guards Gringotts Bank in 1934, and was brought to the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, due to their difficulty entering the English league.

Niterói Mariners (1 row 7 team): Higher power of Quidditch in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and national powerhouse beside the RJ Ravens, and São Paulo Warriors. The team is made up of sailors of Niterói, and has a trident as a symbol that appears in stylized brooms of their athletes.

Vitória Monsters (2 row 1 team): Team is the only professional in the state of Espirito Santo, and is the current national champion, led by skilled German goalkeeper Dirk Muller, who came bought from H. Hawks last season for a record price.

POA Farrapos (2nd row, 2nd team): Time of Rio Grande do Sul, which is a selection of the city, and only accepts players born in Porto Alegre. Despite ever bothering to their holdings in the National League, the team only won when he ran a tournament South American in 1998.

Curitiba Phoenix (second row, third team): Team created in 1996 by students of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the state. It has a rigid regulation, where only players with 23 years or less on the team can play.

RJ Ravens (second row, fourth team): Time's richest country, famous for repatriating Brazilian players who acted in europe, and always arrive as the favorites to compete in any competition, having won the world championship last season, winning the Churdley Cannons in a historic final. The highlight of the team's catcher Guimarães, which operates in nine seasons the team, and is the biggest idol in team history.

São Paulo Warriors (2 row, 5th team): The team most rejected the league, despite acclaimed within the state territory. The president is none other than Peter Malfoy, distant descendant of the Malfoy family, famous because of the Battle of Hogwarts. The team had been winning the national championship every season, but had his streak interrupted last year.

Santa Catarina Snow Patrollers: (2 row, 6th team): Time created in 1967 by former police officers, and known to be forming a team of excellent defensive players.

Albatrosses Uberlândia (2nd row, last team): Although very old, is first in the league, and was limited prior to the regional championships.


(sorry again for the horrible english, blame google!)

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