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Too much gold on the Ravens. Bills looked really nice.

Not enough blue on the Rams.

I personally don't like the yellow numbers on the Redskins, but other than that, nice job.

Absolutely loved Tennessee's uni's.

Too much brown, not enough black on Buccaneers.

LOVED Seattle's green uni's.

Not a fan of San Fran.

Liked the Lightning bolt on San Diego.

Pittsburgh looks good as they are, should have just left their's alone. ( Steelers fan)

Philly looked perfect with the black on their sides.

It's hard trying to make Oakland look good lol.

Didn't like the stripes on the Giants.

Like the Saints.

I can't stand the Patriots, but I think their jersey was my favorite with the stripes, maybe throw some stars on the shoulder pads where it is blue.

The Vikings would be good alternates.

I liked the Chiefs.

Jags could have probably been left alone.

Colts look like a lighter blue version of the Yankees.

Houston needs a white helmet.

Green Bay looks like a good alternate.

Detroit looks great with the grey stripe on the sides.

Not a fan of the Broncos' blue stripes on the jerseys.

Cowboys look different, but I like it might look good with the normal star, but I'm not sure. Looks good though.

I like the script "Browns" on the helmet, don't like the stripe going down the jersey.

Bengals and Bears look cool.

I LOVE the blue helmet on the Panthers.

Falcons look awesome.

Cardinals look alright.

I really like the way you used the orange on the Dolphins.

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