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  1. Well, the third jersey can not represent the identity of the club since it is not allowed to have any of the clubs primary colors. Show me one thirs jersey which really represents the identity of its club. There's no specific prohibition against using club colors on a third. Sometimes they do. And sometimes second and third jerseys alike are way different. Almost every MLS third jersey utilizes club colors, for example. Besides, it's not so much the colors -- Man Utd having a dark royal blue third is perfectly normal -- as it is the templating that makes each kit stand out as Team Nike first and foremost.Out of those the only color that isn't a normal kit color is Man U's purple kit. The rest are completely consistent with each teams brand
  2. Remember that this first and foremost is meant to work with every team's existing brand. Because of that it needs to be simple and understated so as not to compete. As for not a "soccer league" there is a very subtle Champion's League soccer ball implied by the stars. Except one of the stars is upside down, and the MLS does not compete in the champions league.
  3. What the hell was UW doing with their facemasks?Looks like they forgot to take the facemask off before painting the helmet gold
  4. That looks satin not chrome, either way, it's not better than their current helmets
  5. The crests are huge, I also don't understand why you have a side panel on the alternate jersey, it's really not needed at all. Also the royal and navy should never touch it gets really muddled
  6. I have no problem with this just because they are all thirds, if these were primaries all having the same template then you have room to make a case.
  7. Bledsoe is a pat, nothing else, he was a shell of himself with the bills and Cowboys.
  8. I completely agree, I just also think you have to be extremely dumb to act on what ever these feelings (whatever they may be) on a woman and your infant kid after seeing what's happening around the league. It's just incredibly stupid to me.
  9. "The perimeter represents the lines that mark off the field of play." I didn't realise a soccer field was in the shape of a shield, that is a huge reach if I must say for symbolism.
  10. Just wow that is awful. Who could look at that and think that was a soccer logo?
  11. Apparently it was also for beating his 18 month old son. Really how dumb can you be?
  12. It's not like it would be hard to put Utah in it
  13. Make the numbers narrower and taller is the only complaint i got. Very good concept
  14. Glad to see matt Kenseth and dewalt back together again