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  1. It isn't like there arent 14 games left in the season or anything
  2. They are good till mid season. Then they fall apart and miss the playoffs
  3. The 49ers need new paint for their end zones and mid field logo, it looks brown now, not red
  4. Replay looks like a broken ankle, but people say he was favoring his knee. Either way, gotta wonder if it IS an ACL/MCL/both, wouldn't this be potentially the end of the RGIII era in Washington? If it's not I feel bad for fans of the Washington football team
  5. And to think I thought matt classes was destroying the pats d going 4-4 for 75yrds and a TD on the last stat line i saw
  6. Wait, there were rumors of the Patriots spying immediately after that Super Bowl? Got any links to that? I'm not saying you're lying, I'm just genuinely curious because I don't remember that at all. Never said it was immediately after. Just when the story first broke you didn't hear anything about it until they were actually caught. Could of been because there was no evidence, or could of been covered up. Like many other things we are learning the NFL covered up. There was no story about it anywhere, find an article from 2002 that suggests the pats filmed the rams practices. Until then just you are just making stuff up.
  7. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/video/ravens-fans-show-support-for-ray-rice-by-wearing-jersey-091114?vid=328235587617 What? How can anyone especially women support this guy?
  8. You really shouldn't be that thrilled over a replica sleeved jersey of a player that doesn't play there anymore
  9. Gary Bettman will like to have a word with you.Still though, just bad all around. Goodell won't resign, though he should. And during his time was Kenesaw Mountain Landis all that disliked? He really cleaned up the game and brought it into it's heyday. Kennesaw Mountain Landis robbed America and all of MLB the gifts of seeing Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell and many other great black baseball stars. I would say he cleaned up nothing.. That doesn't answer the question. Was he that disliked back then, from what I've read he seemed to be universally respected and helped grow the game.
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