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  1. Arena Football League Thread 2011

    Allow me to politely disagree. I think teal and purple look cool. Cartoonish, maybe, but strangely appealing.
  2. What are you reading?

    Just read the ESPN College Basketball Encyclopedia's essay on cheating. (Mostly Point-Shaving.)
  3. What Floats your Boat?

    Playing Star Wars: Dark Forces while listening to As I Lay Dying, especially the tracks Anodyne Sea, Nothing Left, and The Darkest Nights.
  4. What Grinds Your Gears...

    They're bringing back Russell Hantz for Survivor: Redemption Island. I hate that. As if having that camera hog on the show two seasons in a row just recently wasn't enough. Well this time, some of the new castaways have probably seen him on Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains. So they should be on to him this season. If this is true, then Russell may not last very long this time around. (Hope he doesn't.)
  5. Desktop Screenshots

    Right now I got the Survivor: Redemption Island logo set as my desktop background. I change the background to the logo for the newest season after every season ends.
  6. Help Regarding a Sports Novel

    I think creating fictional schools and bowls is probably a better idea. Then you don't have to go through all the legal procedures to use them in your book.
  7. Help Regarding a Sports Novel

    I could respond to this, but it's not worth the trouble.
  8. Whats Your Favourite Band?

    Toss-up between Skillet and As I Lay Dying.
  9. What are you reading?

    I believe the term is "unabridged" since the book was originally written in English. You're right. Pardon my display of a lack of an extensive vocabulary.
  10. Oregon Ducks save the best for last

    Call me crazy, but I love 'em! Not as good as the stormtrooper look or the emo ducks uniform. Of all the uniforms I've seen the Ducks wear this year, that one is my thrid favorite. (With the stormtrooper look coming in second. Emo Ducks are the best.
  11. Best Band Name

    Never thought about this subject much, but I like the band name, "August Burns Red". Not a fan of the band itself, but I love the name. Oh and by the way, according to this book of useless information that I have, there's a band called, "A life-threatening buttocks condition."
  12. What are you reading?

    In English class, I'm reading Robinson Crusoe...untranslated.
  13. Potato Chips

    I only like classic potato chips. Sour cream and onion smells and tastes disgusting, in my opinion. My preference is corn chips with salsa.
  14. Screw the bowls, let's have a play-off!

    If the BCS does go with a 12-team playoff, this is probably the best format they can use. Personally, I think 12 slots is too few. The only good number of teams in the playoffs is, in my opinion, 16. But if they don't go with 16, 12 is the next best thing.
  15. New Year's Resolutions

    Does that mean he doesn't get killed off in your basketball novel after all? The un-religious players don't get killed off. One hardly finds any playing time on the court, while the other gets framed for alcohol possesion.