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  1. Allow me to politely disagree. I think teal and purple look cool. Cartoonish, maybe, but strangely appealing.
  2. I think creating fictional schools and bowls is probably a better idea. Then you don't have to go through all the legal procedures to use them in your book.
  3. I could respond to this, but it's not worth the trouble.
  4. Call me crazy, but I love 'em! Not as good as the stormtrooper look or the emo ducks uniform. Of all the uniforms I've seen the Ducks wear this year, that one is my thrid favorite. (With the stormtrooper look coming in second. Emo Ducks are the best.
  5. If the BCS does go with a 12-team playoff, this is probably the best format they can use. Personally, I think 12 slots is too few. The only good number of teams in the playoffs is, in my opinion, 16. But if they don't go with 16, 12 is the next best thing.
  6. This isn't the old Tanner...

  7. You forgot it's December. This model only applies to games from September - November, and not on weekends with a full moon. Okay, then... What model applies to December? It depends, which day of the week is it? Right now, Sunday.
  8. You forgot it's December. This model only applies to games from September - November, and not on weekends with a full moon. Okay, then... What model applies to December?
  9. And now I just play pickup basketball with random people ranging between ages 15 and 30 once a week.
  10. I played city league basketball from ages 10-15. I was only good at rebounding, defense, and strategic fouling. I played church league soccer for three years until I was 12. Over those three seasons I scored 8 goals and had 7 assists in 17 games, including 1 goal and 3 assists in one game in my second season. I also used to play city league football. Aged out when I was 15. Played free safety. Along with many bonecrushing hits I had 16 interceptions in four years. I returned three of them for touchdowns. Also played some wide reciever before my coach realized that I have terrible hands.
  11. I'll admit mine is a little elaborate, but at least it actually helps to pick a champion. And the regions should be able to keep one conference from being totally dominant over the rest.
  12. Here's my idea for a FBS tournament: The twelve divisions would be divided into four regions: North, South, East, and West. North: Big 10, Big East, Independants. South: Big 12, WAC, Sun Belt. East: SEC, ACC, Conference USA. West: Pac-10, Mountain West, MAC. The winners of each conference that is not in italics would get an automatic bid into the 16-team field. Any conferences in italics would have to settle for an at-large bid. Each region sends four teams to the playoffs: Two conference winners (Three if the minor conference champion of the region is good enough.) and two at-large bigs. Note: I split them into regions to keep any one conference from dominating. The way I have things structured, no conference can send more than three teams to the playoffs. That just keeps things interesting, in my opinion. Here are my hypothetical opening round matchups: North 1. Michigan State 4. West Virginia 2. Ohio State 3. Wisconsin South 1. Nevada 4. Nebraska 2. Oklahoma 3. Boise State East 1. Auburn 4. UCF 2. Virginia Tech 3. South Carolina West 1. Oregon 4. Northern Illinois. 2. Stanford 3. TCU
  13. Rats. My Kentucky Wildcats are bowling against Penn State, and we won't have Mike Hartline on the field. He got suspended. Well, at least Wildcat Nation can see what we'll have in Morgan Newton for next year.