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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Which is due to the PT-42 shield on the collar. Which I'm glad is there too
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    So glad I'm going to ASU makes football games not a pain to watch
  3. 2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    I have one of the 14-15 Dortmund kits and now seeing the 15-16's I will definitely be getting one of those. I hope they will wear those on Saturday for the DFB-Pokal Final!
  4. 2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    Celtic will officially unveil the 15/16 New Balance kits tomorrow as part of their Four in a Row Scottish Champions celebrations
  5. Nascar Goes Green

    Formula E is a great series minus all the gimmicky stuff anyways, this is going to be interesting and with the different body shapes of all three cars very intriguing.
  6. Adidas Nor Cal Endurance World Championship

    They are looking better but take the mirroring advice from raysox and 1clkgtramg also slow down and do one car at a time, each car was designed differently from the others so give each one the time they deserve
  7. Adidas Nor Cal Endurance World Championship

    The leader light system is a current innovation that is spreading like wildfire so yes. Also use Andy Blackmore's Spotters Guides to help you with the placement of the Door numbers
  8. Adidas Nor Cal Endurance World Championship

    First I would like to say that this is a good idea but I am looking forward to see the progress in this series. Also a few things I would like to suggest. I am also doing a auto racing series that is currently in the works and I have also found that templates were extremely hard to come by in .svg format like the one that you are using. I would agree with raysox on the side panel placement being consistent on each car but I would also switch the side panel with the hood as most if not all GT based series uses a big side panel so the fans could see and identify the cars and their numbers Once again I look forward to the series
  9. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Eurosport said the deal was done and it's for 10 years and for £750m
  10. Creamer Concept World Cup - VOTING(FINALS)

    I just want to say that I know my crest is a complete unoriginal and pretty bad, and that logos have never been a strength of mine. I'm guessing it's the logo which is causing the majority of last place votes I'm getting and it's completely understandable as to why.
  11. Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT

    Germany, this could either be a blessing or a curse, but I'm excited for this to get underway
  12. Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT

    I'm in need to shake the creative rust off though but I'm ready to give it a shot
  13. 2014 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    There will be no streams of test day but will cover it as well as this weekends 12 hours of Zandvoort. I recommend anyone to listen to their programming and race coverages because they are THE source for sportscar racing plus there live radio show "Midweek Motorsport" is better than most tv shows on racing
  14. 2014 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    I have seen nothing from some major sites I go on like Autosport or F1Fanatic about Haas deferring the entry to '16 and the author of the article mostly covers NASCAR so I could see this as creditable in this case with the Hass connection but until I see or hear it from either Bernie or some of the sites I listed I will take this with a grain of salt. But this will not be another USF1 ordeal.A few more things Le Mans test day is this Saturday with the race in 2 weeks after that and Toyota are going in as favorites but as Audi will be quick to remind anyone that Le Mans plays no favorites. But the real questions are how will Porsche do in their return and will the Nissan Zeod RC do some thing that the Deltawing did not: Finish the 24 hours
  15. 2014 Open Wheel Racing Chat

    Haas has stated his intentions to build his team from the ground up and not doing a simple ownership/name take over like Jaguar -> Red Bull and Jordan -> Midland -> Spyker -> Force India. The Front runner for the Powerunit (Engine) supplier to HF is the Prancing Horses of Marenello, Ferrari Congrats, to RHR on the 500 win and to Busch finishing a great 6th