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  1. I could easily see the Cyborgs dropping the gray player names on the red jerseys after a couple weeks — just because they are so hard to read.
  2. I had a high school helmet concept I don't think I've ever shared that might help you visualize what would be a good look... Imagine the Hammers having the stripes wrap around the back with a forward-facing hammer on each side.
  3. Tempe is not outside of the future home market at all — it's the home of ASU, only about 9 miles to the east-southeast. (That seems to be irrelevant given the fact that nobody likes this bid at all, though I can see Byrd being a maverick on this one.)
  4. Overwatch League branding

    Given the similarity to actual sports branding that Blizzard was going for, I actually was surprised.
  5. Overwatch League branding

    They might want the GLA abbreviation to avoid that.
  6. Overwatch League branding

    I was very, very surprised to see there was no thread here about this. Over the last few weeks, the 12 teams for the charter run of the Overwatch League (the first city-based brands in esports) were announced... With the entire slate now announced, and not having seen anything about this here, I'd be curious to see what the board thinks. There's a real range of identities, though the wordmarks do get rather same-y, and the plural wordmarks give me a bad XFL vibe. In my personal opinion, the New York Excelsior has to be the most unconventional, but it's getting the wrong sort of attention from what I've seen. I've heard critiques that not only is the logo too vague (though it'll make for tons of great merch), but the players (mostly Asian) might not even be able to pronounce the name. Most are well executed, with the glaring exception of the poorly kerned Valiant. If you're like me and think this league won't last very long, and that the logos will inevitably make their way onto high school football helmets, Seoul and LA's logos (though maybe not in those colors, of course) will definitely be common sights in 2025.
  7. It's the classic sign of a team desperate to get attention for something other than poor play, that's what...
  8. The US broadcaster can't be too happy with a WPG-MTL Lewis Cup...
  9. I think we're still a couple years out from serious licensing deals, though certainly titles are floating out there and there are already football games on the NES. None of them at this point are likely to have league or AFAPC licenses. It'll be a couple of years before the 16-bit era takes enough hold and that will be something real, though. Has someone ever considered making a ROM hack of one of the 16-bit Madden games for the AFA? Might be a cool thing to do once we hit the mid-90s...
  10. Phoenix, huh? Seems like a bit of a dark horse to the league, though...
  11. Good grief, we're going to be laughing at those names years from now as overly 80s... Also, why are the Brooklyn Privateers playing in Connecticut?
  12. Wowza, what a wild season. The playoffs should be just as insane!
  13. Sad to see Portland lose, but you knew we wouldn't have an 80s retractable roof without stadium trouble...
  14. The wordmark is definitely better now.