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  1. New England at this time would have been coming off a brutal regional recession. In 1991, Rhode Island experienced a banking collapse. Connecticut wasn't much better off.
  2. Miami's "minority government" in ownership is going to make them really unstable... I take it Olsen is the driver for the team's new look?
  3. That California third is pretty nice. St. Louis gives me a strong Burger King vibe, though I do have a concern about how it works with double-digit numbers.
  4. Apparently these photos are on Shutterstock. This is from a game in Wolfsberg, Austria in 2009: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36471952 The X helmet image has been heavily modified but was also originally Czech: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36375385
  5. It's missing from the graphic...who does Colorado play in the first round? EDIT: Oh, I see why — they're between WC teams and seeding is uncertain.
  6. You ask a pretty good question. (I hope Veras doesn't mind if I step in a bit here, given I've been the one generally suggesting these things and have a good grip.) ABC and the league extended their relationship with another three-year deal in 1978, and in 1981, the two parties signed a five-year deal that takes us through the 1985-86 season. Both parties have been generally happy; the network has gained prestige and found better and more affiliates, stations love the exclusivity between the Sunday games and Monday Night Showcase, while the AFA has a far more regular television home than it did prior to the mid-70s. However, the league has shown an interest in cable television. Over this past offseason, some stories turned up in the trades about negotiations with a cable network like USA, but the league office was reported as saying that there just aren't enough homes wired for cable yet. There are some major cities still not wired for cable, like Chicago, and the league wants to see increased cable penetration before it adds a package of games for cable.
  7. It was adapted from the bicentennial patch used in 1976: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/2078/Texas_Rangers/1976/Misc_Logo Perhaps that came from some official design?
  8. How long are Ottawa fans going to be putting up with this buster of a franchise? I mean, how long is their playoff drought?
  9. While I prefer the new LA lockup (the old one was too 1996 Template Gothic for this period) and the new angle of the comet on the purple helmet, I don't like much else, especially the new wordmark text. My issue with the wordmark was actually a little different: It's just not smooth or circular there.
  10. That Comets logo on a T-shirt would be an instant hit. (Though the tail on that wordmark is just a little too sharp edged...)
  11. The teal still looks a shade too light — like the current hue.
  12. In-ter-esting... Way to, uh, shake up the season. Reminding me more than a little of the Hornets after Katrina...
  13. From the basement to the penthouse! I can imagine Choppers gear being a very hot seller not just in Milwaukee but around the nation...
  14. This would be a great upgrade. It's almost...too stylish for Tegna, which more and more feels like a TV station group adrift. One problem is that many of the "9 on top of peacock" concepts would probably violate the network's logo use conditions.
  15. The new template looks good though a darker gray for the text would be more legible.