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  1. I don't know if the wordmark is very 1989 for Philly, honestly... But the other changes are solid.
  2. Gotta say I'm not feeling the wordmark font or especially the font on the uniforms themselves... It's just way too all over the place.
  3. I still think they're not going to be around for the mid-90s...there's a nasty recession a-comin'.
  4. Mexican College Rebrands

    Holy cake, just what this board needed, Mexican college rebrands! It's worth noting that when you get to the private universities, they tend to keep the mascot the same across all of the campuses in their system, and some of these schools are national in scope. (Tec de Monterrey, I'm looking straight at you.) UVM is a private university, and I believe their other schools are also Linces. If you need any context, let me know. I probably could point you to defunct teams, older designs, or some of the odd splits (read: IPN's two teams, UNAM once had three) in Mexican CFB history. If you've ever gone on /r/cfb, I've done Mexico-related stuff as well as a three-part series in 2016 that was designed to be a quick intro to the long history of Mexican college football.
  5. "The Shank"! We have a playoff moment!
  6. There's your answer! (I imagine some of those new Sunday night games were good ones given how weird the league year was!)
  7. Yowza what a season! Funky stuff everywhere and the worst team 4-12? This has to be good news for a league now competing a bit for attention.
  8. Does Stacey on the Aces change from 53 to 54 every game or something?
  9. You've got the stripe improved enough where it makes sense. Good fix. Oh boy, now that's fuel for a rivalry...
  10. The sleeve stripe coloring on the black uniform probably should be changed (blue outside, white inside?) to retain color blocking and so that it doesn't look like an X-ray hand. Otherwise, solid, and looking forward to the USFA and AFA getting back into the rhythm of things. Also...Brutus Sands. Brilliant!
  11. Yowza. I need eye bleach for that set. I also really want to suggest not using Arial in the late 80s (it's in the logo). You can probably find typefaces that would have actually been common in the period. While Arial was around at the time, it certainly was not common until the 90s when Microsoft began bundling it with Windows.
  12. I totally see the Oklahoma Reapers with a Stranger Things-esque wordmark in Benguiat...
  13. I could easily see the Cyborgs dropping the gray player names on the red jerseys after a couple weeks — just because they are so hard to read.
  14. I had a high school helmet concept I don't think I've ever shared that might help you visualize what would be a good look... Imagine the Hammers having the stripes wrap around the back with a forward-facing hammer on each side.
  15. Hoo boy. We're in for a ride.