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  1. Very interesting timing to say that, because here in AZ 1985 was the year a school named the Rebels dumped its mascot on the advice of a committee of parents! It was, however, a very unpopular decision with the students at the school, so much so that 90 percent of students boycotted the name change vote and there was a walkout of 200 students in March of that year. Here's a relevant excerpt:
  2. Carolina Swamp Foxes? I mean...we did almost get the New Jersey Swamp Dragons in the NBA. I could see the team going to just Carolina Foxes in the 2000s too.
  3. Triple green would look very, very good on them.
  4. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    I can't get over the name, but it's decent. The black-turquoise-cream color scheme is excellent. And while I'm not a fan of the throwback attempt (the text doesn't feel snug), it's passable. It gives me a feeling of American League, not National, baseball, that's for sure.
  5. MLB: Project 32 - Miami Marlins, Pt. II Added

    This is an excellent series. I'm hooked. The Carolina expansion is spot on.
  6. Well that's a shocker. Cincinnati's starting to earn the nickname the Chokers, I bet...
  7. TV deals...now there's a metric to watch. These are the largest missing markets with 1994-95 Nielsen DMAs: #10 Houston (#9 in radio) #11 Atlanta #16 Tampa #17 Sacramento #18 Phoenix #22 San Diego #23 Baltimore #24 Orlando #25 Hartford The addition of #8 DFW and #12 Cleveland is a huge help in this regard, but looking at missing markets points us to Houston and Atlanta. Most of the other markets are either close to existing teams, in Florida, or do not have great economies at this time (Hartford). Additionally, we can look at today's DMAs to get a feel for the growth prospects. 1994's 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 and 25 are today's 8, 10, 11, 20, 12, 28, 26, 18 and 30, respectively. New Orleans is DMA #40. The smallest American team in its own market is #31 Kansas City. My guess is that Phoenix would have been LA Wizards country, especially with their 70s run, and I could even see the team playing preseason games here regularly.
  8. Phoenix grew a lot in the 90s. The problem is that a lot of its growth involves people moving from somewhere and already having allegiances to sports teams.
  9. New England at this time would have been coming off a brutal regional recession. In 1991, Rhode Island experienced a banking collapse. Connecticut wasn't much better off.
  10. Miami's "minority government" in ownership is going to make them really unstable... I take it Olsen is the driver for the team's new look?
  11. That California third is pretty nice. St. Louis gives me a strong Burger King vibe, though I do have a concern about how it works with double-digit numbers.
  12. Identify This American Football Team/League

    Apparently these photos are on Shutterstock. This is from a game in Wolfsberg, Austria in 2009: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36471952 The X helmet image has been heavily modified but was also originally Czech: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36375385
  13. It's missing from the graphic...who does Colorado play in the first round? EDIT: Oh, I see why — they're between WC teams and seeding is uncertain.
  14. You ask a pretty good question. (I hope Veras doesn't mind if I step in a bit here, given I've been the one generally suggesting these things and have a good grip.) ABC and the league extended their relationship with another three-year deal in 1978, and in 1981, the two parties signed a five-year deal that takes us through the 1985-86 season. Both parties have been generally happy; the network has gained prestige and found better and more affiliates, stations love the exclusivity between the Sunday games and Monday Night Showcase, while the AFA has a far more regular television home than it did prior to the mid-70s. However, the league has shown an interest in cable television. Over this past offseason, some stories turned up in the trades about negotiations with a cable network like USA, but the league office was reported as saying that there just aren't enough homes wired for cable yet. There are some major cities still not wired for cable, like Chicago, and the league wants to see increased cable penetration before it adds a package of games for cable.