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  1. While I prefer the new LA lockup (the old one was too 1996 Template Gothic for this period) and the new angle of the comet on the purple helmet, I don't like much else, especially the new wordmark text. My issue with the wordmark was actually a little different: It's just not smooth or circular there.
  2. That Comets logo on a T-shirt would be an instant hit. (Though the tail on that wordmark is just a little too sharp edged...)
  3. The teal still looks a shade too light — like the current hue.
  4. In-ter-esting... Way to, uh, shake up the season. Reminding me more than a little of the Hornets after Katrina...
  5. From the basement to the penthouse! I can imagine Choppers gear being a very hot seller not just in Milwaukee but around the nation...
  6. This would be a great upgrade. It's almost...too stylish for Tegna, which more and more feels like a TV station group adrift. One problem is that many of the "9 on top of peacock" concepts would probably violate the network's logo use conditions.
  7. The new template looks good though a darker gray for the text would be more legible.
  8. The winged helmet, with a thicker outline, would be great. A nice nod to history while not being too much of one for the era.
  9. Have you ever looked at sites like Google Fonts or fontsquirrel.com? They might help though some are definitely in a more current style.
  10. One general suggestion I'd have for you is to refine your typography a bit. This is *especially* the case with the league tables. It's cool to have jersey fonts for them, but the numbers don't line up and the presentation of that could really be improved. Also...I really just don't like seeing Impact, but then again I'm a type snob.
  11. I was merely stating that it was Veras who created the category in terms of creating the first complete work of its type.
  12. It appears, Veras, you have created a category in this community. And now there is a subforum just for it. Congratulations.
  13. We have an Easter Epic even in this league, it appears... (That STL/Seattle combo...oof!)
  14. Yeah...boring, not often talked about... Still a great conclusion to the season. Bring on '82!
  15. I've never liked any of CF's logos...pretty much ever (that falcon looks like an indeterminate ghost). The shape of the C needs a good amount of work (it's got a weird rough corner), but it's definitely a step in the right direction. I helped the AZ Helmet Project out for a number of years (I was its primary contributor for 6 years) so I'm very familiar with the sorts of looks in use in southern AZ and elsewhere in the state. If you want more advice from me, I'd be willing to help.