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  1. Worth noting that while Pride Month is generally June, all Pride events in AZ take place in March because...nobody wants to do anything outside in June.
  2. That supposed Salt Lake Stallions inaugural season logo gives me big Overwatch League vibes...
  3. They had to increase the negative space because at small sizes it kind of blurred together.
  4. This is a stellar series, as usual. Glad I spent hours reading through all of it!
  5. The Jaguars font: let's make it worse by italicizing it way too much!
  6. Holy cake, just what this board needed, Mexican college rebrands! It's worth noting that when you get to the private universities, they tend to keep the mascot the same across all of the campuses in their system, and some of these schools are national in scope. (Tec de Monterrey, I'm looking straight at you.) UVM is a private university, and I believe their other schools are also Linces. If you need any context, let me know. I probably could point you to defunct teams, older designs, or some of the odd splits (read: IPN's two teams, UNAM once had three) in Mexican CFB history. If you've ever gone on /r/cfb, I've done Mexico-related stuff as well as a three-part series in 2016 that was designed to be a quick intro to the long history of Mexican college football.
  7. Given the similarity to actual sports branding that Blizzard was going for, I actually was surprised.
  8. They might want the GLA abbreviation to avoid that.
  9. I was very, very surprised to see there was no thread here about this. Over the last few weeks, the 12 teams for the charter run of the Overwatch League (the first city-based brands in esports) were announced... With the entire slate now announced, and not having seen anything about this here, I'd be curious to see what the board thinks. There's a real range of identities, though the wordmarks do get rather same-y, and the plural wordmarks give me a bad XFL vibe. In my personal opinion, the New York Excelsior has to be the most unconventional, but it's getting the wrong sort of attention from what I've seen. I've heard critiques that not only is the logo too vague (though it'll make for tons of great merch), but the players (mostly Asian) might not even be able to pronounce the name. Most are well executed, with the glaring exception of the poorly kerned Valiant. If you're like me and think this league won't last very long, and that the logos will inevitably make their way onto high school football helmets, Seoul and LA's logos (though maybe not in those colors, of course) will definitely be common sights in 2025.
  10. I can't get over the name, but it's decent. The black-turquoise-cream color scheme is excellent. And while I'm not a fan of the throwback attempt (the text doesn't feel snug), it's passable. It gives me a feeling of American League, not National, baseball, that's for sure.
  11. This is an excellent series. I'm hooked. The Carolina expansion is spot on.
  12. Apparently these photos are on Shutterstock. This is from a game in Wolfsberg, Austria in 2009: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36471952 The X helmet image has been heavily modified but was also originally Czech: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wolfsberg-austria-august-18-american-football-36375385
  13. It was adapted from the bicentennial patch used in 1976: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/2078/Texas_Rangers/1976/Misc_Logo Perhaps that came from some official design?
  14. The teal still looks a shade too light — like the current hue.
  15. This would be a great upgrade. It's almost...too stylish for Tegna, which more and more feels like a TV station group adrift. One problem is that many of the "9 on top of peacock" concepts would probably violate the network's logo use conditions.
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