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  1. Worth noting that while Pride Month is generally June, all Pride events in AZ take place in March because...nobody wants to do anything outside in June.
  2. The AFA almost went with two networks at the last renewal. Prior to the USFA's craziness, it had been thought that ABC was a lock to stay with the league, but with NBC a free agent again, all bets are off, and Fox has made its interest known.
  3. I just remembered this is the final year of the current ABC TV contract...
  4. Upset, lots of points, lots of points, and...one touchdown. Bummed about the Firebirds, but the '91 Whales may have secured their place as a throwback uniform in the future.
  5. I was not expecting that! Is this the Birds' first postseason win since Firebird Fever in '79?
  6. One potential solution: move the team and move it right back?
  7. Wow, that's quite the way to go out. I like how Tennessee turned into a smoldering crater, essentially.
  8. There's a real case that moving to CBS would be seen as a stronger network, especially in 1960, and so I see the allure of the CBS deal. ABC was stuck in third in the ratings really up until the late 70s and didn't reach some smaller areas full-time. One thing worth noting: CBS and ABC did not go color-heavy until 1965. In parallel, CBS didn't have a single regular-season colorcast of an NFL game until it did one in 1965 then had all of them by 1968. (Though it seems you have color moving a little ahead of reality with things over at NBC.)
  9. I get the sense that this look will shift to very black-heavy come the mid-90s...
  10. I'm going to be quite honest and say I don't keep up with the people side of things in the AFA, so I wouldn't know who's calling what. I'll explain what ABC provides, and that's a doubleheader each week. (Think the NFL system but condensed on one network). Most of the country gets their regional games in an early window (12:30 ET), while western teams typically play at 3:30 ET. Coverage is regionalized fairly heavily. Monday Night Showcase is, of course, independent of that. There are a lot of broadcast teams, and particularly in the eastern states, if you receive multiple ABC affiliates you may well have a choice of games to watch. The New Jersey Sharks play an inordinate amount of late games because they cannot conflict with New York or Philadelphia. There have been a couple of cases where the AFA and ABC granted dispensation for the teams to air opposite each other with another station taking the New Jersey game. In fact, the ability to make this situation more normalized and increase schedule flexibility is one of the reasons the AFA has considered bringing in another network alongside ABC in the past. (Actually I'd like to see an example week in the AFA so I could devise what that schedule might look like.)
  11. Thrilling game in Detroit! One thing: Also a bit of an issue besides it saying BOS, not TB, is that it should say MST, not MDT. Never use *DT* if you aren't in Daylight Saving Time.
  12. That supposed Salt Lake Stallions inaugural season logo gives me big Overwatch League vibes...
  13. They had to increase the negative space because at small sizes it kind of blurred together.
  14. The graphic seems to have some issues, namely not being updated and having the incorrect Roman numeral "XVL".