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  1. Very nice, I get that vintage sports logo vibe from it. I also like how traditional it feels. I'd like to see a secondary version with text of your full name around the circle, like a roundel logo. I think that would be nice to have as a secondary logo. Good stuff.
  2. School definitely isn't necessary in all cases, but like mentioned above, it can help a lot (especially in areas like design thinking, design management etc, like @JESSEDIEBOLT said). Degrees, diplomas, certificates etc can add to credibility and expertise. You already freelance and are the head designer of a wrestling company, which is great. School might not seem like the good choice if you feel like you are already working professionally. If you were to go to school for design I think the best option would be a 2-3 year design diploma program, it's not too long but may prove to be a valuable experience. Though if you're not too happy with the whole 2-3 year school thing, it's not a big deal. I wouldn't want to spend more then 4 years in school since you mentioned you studied business/marketing. I'd say your portfolio is the most important thing, not a degree. But going to school can really benefit your portfolio, so it's sort of a dilemma. From experience, going to school for the past 3 years for graphic design has been very helpful, I can say I've learned a lot and added quality stuff to my portfolio via schoolwork. For me, school was worth it. I got 3 years to build my portfolio, learn design and an internship. I think there's a lot of things in design that you can only learn in school. But there is really great accessible content out there that provides a good amount of design knowledge. Places like YouTube, Skillshare, Lynda etc are valuable assets, some of which I've used during my schooling. Taking a general design program like Graphic Design definitely keeps your doors open for different opportunities, because generally speaking (depending on the course/program curriculum), you learn and work in digital + print. So you explore things like web, colour printing, motion etc. It get's your feet wet into all different areas if you don't know what specific design field you want to get into.
  3. Definitely an upgrade! I'd tried to sneak in a curling rock/stone right at the top, because without the text I feel it would be hard to understand the logo is for a curling club.
  4. It's nothing super unique, but it's something. The concept is easy to understand which is nice, I can totally tell it's an "N' and a "B", but the whole negative-space-letter thing has been done like 1000 times. Like mentioned above, I'd look to make it more stylized to reflect what you focus on. @ldconcepts mentioned you doing hockey concepts so incorporating that generic hockey font might be a good idea.
  5. A while ago I discovered the whole soccer/football culture community. All over the world there are various clubs, that I guess would be considered "amateur", that create and play in these stunning and unique kits. I really took an interest into these types of teams because their team crests and jerseys are always so cool. There are a bunch of different leagues these teams play in across the globe, one of the is France's LeBallon FC. What's also so special about these kits is that most of them aren't made available online, so their super unique and rare. I've seen some clubs make their jersey available to purchase but the best one's are always not for sale. Here is an article on someones list of the 10 best kits from this "community" scene: The Bled FC kit shown in the article is definitely my favourite kit of all time. Also wondering if anyone on here has ever heard of/follow this scene like I do? If you don't want to click the article link I've provided pictures below:
  6. Very well done, love this. The shark was rendered perfectly, and I know it's tough to make them look right. Great stuff!
  7. I didn't see the swastika when looking at your concept, but now that I saw it in a post, I can't un-see it. Clever concept nonetheless, just needs to be reworked. Also, I noticed that two corners aren't rounded, makes it look inconsistent.
  8. Cádiz CF International Women's Day kit
  9. It's difficult to thing of ONE wish, I have lots. But I think I'd wish for the Raptors to go back to their red raptor logo. Although I don't have problem with the latest logo, I just love the nostalgia the red raptor logo brings. Also I absolutely love the purple look. My second wish (if I had one) is for the Mighty Ducks to go back to their original, Disney logo, such a classic.
  10. Love, love, love the LAFC set, hope they do something similar when they start to play. Portland's concept is nice too, I'd like to see green sleeves on this concept though. Not sure how it would look but I feel as if it's too much white, in my opinion at least.
  11. I think Portland's just looks more classy, especially with the gold accents. DC's is clean, don't get me wrong, but it's just a plain black kit with red accents.
  12. The top text looks like a custom-edit version of Pragmatica.
  13. I like the initial N-House more than the latest version because to me the concept is pretty decipherable. The latest version sort of loses that I think, it feels too wide and stretched out, but I guess it's just a matter of personal preference. Although I do think the latest version is stronger now that it's bold and thicker. Blue print version looks great, I noticed the 2 corners/points on the bottom ends of the roof are now aligned properly with the top end's of the N. One change I would make is matching the thickness on all parts of the design (matching the thickness of the diagonal parts with the vertical parts, diagonal parts look thinner). Good stuff.
  14. I like this better than the current one they're doing this season ^^ Classic looks
  15. I think it's pretty nice and sort of different for a change (not entirely red like last season). Not really excited about those subtle hoops and the texture, but those onyx sleeves look cool. It would be interesting to see if the shorts are onyx too, but I doubt they'll do that.