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  1. MLS Kit Concepts

    Chicago Fire — I always disliked the center stripe/transition panel on the front of the jersey where the sponsor logo resides, so I removed that Created a fire-inspired transition/texture at the top of the jersey
  2. MLS Kit Concepts

    Just purchased the Yellow Images soccer kit mockup so I'm going to be designing kits for each MLS team. (home kit only) Atlanta United — Inverted the stripes so that it matches the club crest Tied in more of the gold by creating pinstripes between the stripes
  3. Gretel’s ‘unbranded’ branding for Viceland

    Same thoughts here, really fell in love when I saw this identity and brand for the first time. It's super direct and really relates to their brand.
  4. The Reno Regals

    Nicely done! Like mentioned above I would definitely add another supporting colour, perhaps a black/gunmetal/silver/grey colour. The whole colour scheme of the brand feels incomplete without another colour in my eyes, I can see where you are trying to go with this though. Logo turned out nicely. It feels a little weird to me only being able to see the upper part of the mouth in the "Logotype hybrid" logo.
  5. Hawaiian Airlines updated logo + livery

    I'd love to see their 1995 logo with their current gradient colour palette. Plane looks super funky and cool, love it! Also love how the flower on her head lines up better around the shape of her head and hair. Here is a more in depth look at the brand refresh:
  6. How do you create a logo in gimp?

    There's no real way/right or wrong way to create a logo. It's a matter of learning how to use the tools at your disposal, in this case, GIMP. A lot of logo's are based around or off of shapes created using the pen tool or shapes tool. Though sketching a concept out by hand on paper is the first step before starting to create a digital logo. Check out YouTube for tutorials on logo making, there are lots of them and a lot of valuable information too on learning what tools are the best for logo making in GIMP.
  7. Discussion -- From Inkscape to Illustrator

    I've never used Inkscape before but from what I've seen and heard, it's geared more towards artists. Thats not to say Illustrator isn't the best program for artists though. You're definitely right saying the industry standard is the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc). Although I haven't had any experience with Inkscape, I can sort of relate since when I first started doing image manipulation stuff and graphics, I started with GIMP. I used GIMP for about a year, knowing that Photoshop was the superior program and industry standard. But I spent time learning GIMP before I made the jump to Photoshop. Learning how to use Inkscape gives you a head start on learning how to use Illustrator, in the same way GIMP helped me learn Photoshop, because there were lots of similarities. It's definitely a difficult challenge to learn something new, especially when you're so comfortable with what you have, but in this case, learning Illustrator is key if you want to have a career in the design industry, no matter what specific design-related field you're pursuing. I found it's best to learn things, especially software, while you're young. As I get older I get more impatient with learning. Hope I helped.
  8. Website/portfolio help?

    I'd say the best free option, especially for people just starting out, would be Behance. It's a great way to find inspiration and share work. Of course, if you have the money, getting your own personal site would be nice. But in my opinion it's not necessary unless you're somewhat solidified as a designer and it would benefit your career as a designer. I like to think of having your own website as step 2. Step 1 being a free site and creative environment like Behance, but thats just my opinion. Obviously sharing here is great too! As for the best things to show really depends on your goals and what your aspiring to do. Tailor your portfolio to things that interest you and things that you could see yourself working on in a professional creative environment. As for including concepts in your portfolio, think about the bigger picture. For example, including just a redesigned logo isn't potentially the only part of a rebrand or redesign. Think about what else would change (social media graphics, jerseys, signage, ads etc). Things like this can help solidify and support the concept, making it stronger and more effective in your portfolio.
  9. Canadian Premier League

    Love this thread so much, can't wait to see whats up next! Hamiltons identity is very well done.
  10. Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire graphic

    I see what you're saying, thanks for the feedback!
  11. Here is a game-day article graphic I did for the people at, an SB Nation blog covering Toronto FC.
  12. MLS Jersey Concept

    Atlanta's home kit looks pretty clean. A little too dark at the bottom though maybe some gold and/or red accents? Atlanta's away kit looks like something I'd expect to see for LAFC.
  13. Navy Midshipmen Logo Redesign #3

    Amazing stuff, the latest version is a huge improvement I think. It has been simplified so nicely that now its got a nice flow singular flow/motion/movement to it. The 2013 version was great but the latest version knocks it out of the park. Well done!
  14. Tasmania United Concept

    Clever concept you got going on with the crest shape, very cool idea. Kits look good too! I feel as if there is a weird relationship between the rounded bottom of the T and straight edges on the bottom of the cropped U. I think maybe you should considering reworking this part of the crest, the U sort of looks like a V since its cropped inside the shield. The thin text used for "Tasmania United" doesn't suit the crest, in my opinion.
  15. Personal Branding Logo Concept

    Very nice, I get that vintage sports logo vibe from it. I also like how traditional it feels. I'd like to see a secondary version with text of your full name around the circle, like a roundel logo. I think that would be nice to have as a secondary logo. Good stuff.