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  1. International Football 2017-2018

    This move has “disaster” written all over it.
  2. International Football 2017-2018

    Well, Cardiff City got promoted from the Championship so it looks like you'll have a new team for next year. Swansea getting the boot was pretty predictable after they sold Siggurdson. They hardly stayed up even with him last season, and losing that offensive output made a relegation battle inevitable. Also, Shoutout to Levante for denying Barcelona a perfect season winning 5-4 despite a Coutinho hat trick.
  3. International Football 2017-2018

    As an Everton fan, I want Real Madrid to beat Liverpool in the most excruciating way possible*. *Because it’s not like Bayern is going to win, sports aren’t fun.
  4. International Football 2017-2018

    God I hate Liverpool. This is going to be insufferable.
  5. International Football 2017-2018

    Looks like the real final is going to be played a few weeks early. Go Bayern and Roma!!! Anybody but Real and Liverpool.
  6. International Football 2017-2018

    I know hindsight is 20/20 but I'm not surprised Barcelona went out to Roma... Roma played very well in the first leg, they just got unlucky with the two own goals and a good penalty appeal was denied. They've also played well and held their own against bigger foes earlier in the competition (they beat Chelsea 3-0 and drew away 3-3 in the group stage) I didn't think they could come back down from 3-0 but Barcelona has had this coming all season, their luck was bound to run out at some point. Now, fingers crossed for a Liverpool-Roma semifinal. What a fun matchup that would be.
  7. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Looks like somebody forgot to put a dot at the bottom of that question mark.
  8. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Not having to face UVA, Cincinnati, Arizona, or Kentucky didn’t hurt their final four chances either.
  9. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Kansas State vs. Loyola-Chicago. The blockbuster everyone was looking forward too on the tournament’s second weekend. I know I’m young, but I seriously can’t think of a worse regional than this year’s South. So many good, fun teams to watch whittled down to two extremely underwhelming Cinderella’s.
  10. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    I’d hate that but God it would be a great match. Hopefully Bayern and Juve crash the party this year though.
  11. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Agreed. We’ve had it good the past 3 or so years because we’ve had a good balance of great teams and underdogs making it to the Final Four. When we had that unbeaten Kentucky team, Wisconsin, Duke, and seventh-seeded Michigan State in the Final Four? That’s fine by me. I just don’t like when a year plays out like 2014 where we have a 7 and an 8 seed duking it out with each other in the title game. 2011 is another great example. It was fun to see a local team (VCU) make it far, but the Final Four games were a huge letdown. I want the champion to feel like a champion, not just the winner of a crapshoot tournament at the end of the year.
  12. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Upsets are fun and all until you remember that Duke and Kentucky will steamroll everyone left by 20+ and play in the title game. Cincinnati and Xavier were especially painful to watch today. I didn’t have either team going far, but I was kind of hoping to see them showdown in the Final Four.
  13. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    I thought UVA’s style of play might hurt them in the later rounds, but not this early. That said, UMBC was red hot, their guys weren’t missing. Sorry not sorry, UVA.
  14. International Football 2017-2018

    United pissed away 2-3 great chances. Smalling missed an easy tap in at the back post. Their defence was just poor today, the corner goal should not have happened, and their defenders were stretched way too easily on the counter. Not going to miss them United, it's good to see an underdog get some of that champions league money.
  15. International Football 2017-2018

    Liverpool drawing United would actually be pretty good for them in UCL. Better than them drawing Real, Barca, or Bayern and getting steamrolled.
  16. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    At least USC didn't go 8-10 in a very weak Pac-12. What has ASU done the past 2 months? At least USC made it to the Pac-12 title game. Oklahoma also hasn't won a game away from home in 2018. But of course it would be a travesty if Trae Young wasn't involved in the NCAA Tournament.
  17. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Arizona State as well. I don’t care if you beat two one seeds, they went 8-10 in a soft PAC-12 and USC finishes second, loses in the conference title game and gets snubbed? That ain’t right. I would’ve liked to see Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s make it in as well.
  18. International Football 2017-2018

    *Insert joker popcorn gif here*
  19. International Football 2017-2018

    If I had a dollar every time Real scores off a deflected shot. I don’t like PSG at all, but Real in the champions league scares me. Their never-ending well of cosmic luck ruins the competition.
  20. USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    Piggybacking off of this, I honestly don’t think Trump will be that upset about not hosting a Tournament that a majority of Americans hardly care for.
  21. International Football 2017-2018

    To me it’s down to strikers I’d rather have then him. Kane, Aguero, Jesus, Morata, Lukaku, and Aubameyang are all players I’d rather have then Firmino. That’s just me though.
  22. International Football 2017-2018

    I don’t think so either. He’s in the 7-9 range for me.
  23. International Football 2017-2018

  24. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Oops... Chelsea v. Bournemouth Everton v. Leicester Newcastle v. Burnley Southampton v. Brighton Man City v. West Brom Stoke v. Watford Spurs v. Man Utd
  25. International Football 2017-2018

    Lacazette hasn't even bad. He has been one of their better players all year. What they really need is center mids and center-halves, yet they drop 50mil on a striker they don't need. The fact that they lost to Swansea made me laugh today, but Arsenal are a club that are seeing themselves surpassed in terms of wealth and talent by pretty much all of the other Top 6 teams.